Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mommy needs the nitrous!

This morning, my easy going guy was very excited. He was going to the dentist. The last time he went, he got to meet Mr. Thirsty (the suction) and Mr. Squirty (the water thing). He was decked out in a big recliner and got to watch Ratatouille on the TV on the ceiling.

Best of all, when he was done, he got to select a toy from the treasure box.

So when he knew he was going again, and was getting a filling, he wasn't phased.The boy had no clue.

But I did. Cause I knew exactly what was about to happen to him. I've got 16 fillings in my own teeth. Not a pretty sight.

I blame my parents.


I don't remember going to the dentist much as a kid. Maybe twice? I loved me my sugar. I brushed, but didn't know about flossing.

When I was out of college and had dental insurance, I went on my own. The dentist had his practice in his house. His wife was the hygenist. And most of the people from our department went there.

The best was when I had to tell them that I had broken up with the first guy I went with there and now was dating a new guy - both who worked in the same department. I wanted to make sure they kept everyone straight.

This dentist was great. Very low key. Which was a good thing, since I need basically every tooth in my face filled. He even gave me the choice of filling my wisdom teeth or yanking them out. I opted to keep all body parts.

Then I moved. And moved again. And again, all the way across the country. TEN years had passed, and no trips to the dentist. Finally, last year, I went to a new dentist, who went to dental school with David's brother.

I braced myself. Could my cavities now have cavities?

HaHA! Not a one! But I must say, I am now a militant flosser, brusher and whitener, and go in for my cleaning every six months.

That's why I started to feel guilty that my kids had not yet been to see a dentist. I kept meaning to do it, but that list is long and the days short. Thing is, both of them were early and often teethers. Sage cut her first at 4 1/2 months. Sawyer was a little later, at 6 months, but both had 16 teeth by age 1.

So by ages 4 and almost 2 1/2, their baby teeth had already been around the block a few times. Not to mention some juice and, occasionally, some candy.

I finally brought them in last month, only to find that Sawyer has a cavity. Which is what brought us to the dentist today. Usually, David is in charge of all things procedural, but he'd left at 6:30 a.m. for a business meeting in LA.

I dropped Sage off at a neighbor's and off we went. By the time we got there, I was a nervous wreck.

Sawyer was to get nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas. Possible side affect? Nausea and vomiting! I DON'T DO BARF!

I was also worried about how he'd react in general. He was in a room with no doors. I was sitting in the doorway, but couldn't reach him. They reclined him in the chair, put on the sunglasses to help shield him from the bright lights, and placed the little pink mask on his nose.

He was watching Madagascar. He soon started to giggle.

The dentist - who is 7 months pregnant - talked to him about everything she was doing. And he was fine. Until the drilling started. They had to put some stuff in his mouth to keep it open so he wouldn't bite the drill and he got really scared.

He started crying. I could hear him over the buzz of the drill. Luckily, he couldn't see my tears.

I've seen my boy cry a gazillion times. Usually, it's because he's gotten in trouble or didn't get his own way. That doesn't move me.

But this. My little guy, who is always so brave when it comes to going to the doctor, was terrified. It got me. I cried for him and with him.

And then it was over. And he was back to making his crazy growling noises which he thinks are funny.

He hopped off the chair. Picked out his toy. Was totally excited to go get a milkshake.

Later that afternoon, after a solid three hour nap and some crying over his swollen tongue - he'd been biting it before the novicaine wore off - he said "Mommy, I had fun at the dentist today."


At his core, he's tough.

The best part is he's already forgiven me for putting him through it.

I know this, because while I was in the kitchen about to get dinner ready, he told me.

"I love you with all my heart, Mommy."


Pink Dawn said...

OMG! I am religious about the dentist, drive 40 miles (one way!) to go to the awesomest one...every 3 months like the freak that I am.

Cheryl said...

Every THREE months? Is this guy really hot or what? LOL Shocking that you might be ocd about your teeth! ;)

Kristy said...

Ok, now I'm nervous. I just made an appointment for Cole to visit the dentist in a couple of weeks. HE is already freaking out too. I'm trying to prepare myself for a nightmare of a visit.

I'm now just hoping he doesn't have any cavities that need to be filled!

Melissa said...

Hooray for a very brave Sawyer (and an even braver Mommy). Here is to hoping that that is the last time he needs a drill and a shot of nitrous in his lifetime. Hey, one can hope, can't they??!!

Mom101 said...

I vote for the hot dentist theory with Cheryl.

(And seriously - you went to Guadalaharry's in Faneuil Hall? Hahahaha!)

Cheryl said...

Kristy - Don't be nervous! Most kids don't have cavities. I don't think. They sent us a Going to the Dentist book which Sawyer made me read until my eyes bled. But it really helped prepare him.

Melissa - Did you cry when Greg went, or am I just a wussy?

Liz - Yes, yes. I admit it! I worked at the Globe for a semester in college, and my sister used to have a killer brownstone in the South End, so, you know, I did occasionally visit those establishments - before heading to Chinatown for "cold tea." Gah!

Jen C said...

ACK! I have been put in charge of scheduling the dental appointments and I have been hemming and hawing. We only have a "dental discount" plan that totally blows so it's a big chunk o' dough to shell out. But then again, I suppose so are a set of dentures for each member of the family.

Dawn...I do have to say (now that I finally got to meet you), you do have very lovely teeth. Seriously. Must be that hot dentist of yours making those pearly whites shine ;)

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