Sunday, February 24, 2008

Well, dang, I must've done growed up!

David and I dropped the kids of an mother-in-laws mid-morning and left to do all kinds of romantic things. First stop? Ikea. I mean, how can we exchange meaningful looks over storage bins with our children running all over the place?

So we're at a stoplight after exiting the highway, and David looks at the car next to us and says, "Are they smoking a BONG in there?"

I glance over, and to my amazement, I see the driver taking a hit off not a bong (although I was amazed my never-even-looked-at-a-joint-nevermind-smoked-one husband even came up with the word 'bong') but a pipe.

I was shocked. I mean, they were DRIVING! And they weren't, like, 16. They were probably 20.

I got VERY agitated, much to David's surprise. He thinks that because, back in the day, and I mean REALLY back in the day, I might have partaken of the sweet weed (not that I inhaled, mind you!) from time to time that I'd be totally chill about it.

But NO! They clearly saw us looking at them as they chased their hits with a swig of Starbucks. Apparently the sight of my eyes bulging out of my head didn't register. They didn't even break into uncontrollable giggles.

I made David go slow once the light changed so I could write down their license plate, and then insisted he call his friend who's a cop in the town. Of course, he didn't answer his phone.

Did I let this drop? Oh no no no, my friends. Once we got to Ikea a few moments later, I made him call another friend who's a reserve Orange County sheriff. I got on the phone and asked what we could've done.

He said we should've called 911, and then possibly followed the car for a bit to let the cops know where they were. AND that they had a fatality last week when some guy who was totally stoned crashed into a car with a family in it.


I'm not sure when it happened. I was not a poster child for safe driving with some of the stupid shit I did as a teenager. I drank and drove. I smoked and drove (but only once, because I got lost in my own neighborhood and that scared the bejeebus out of me). I feel VERY lucky that nothing ever happened, that I didn't kill someone else or myself.

It must be the mom thing. All I could think of today was what if they hit a car with a child in it? I was really angry. Because what they were doing was astonishingly stupid. And selfish.

I'm sorry we didn't call 911 and get those suckers pulled over. Hopefully, they got to wherever they were going safely. The bad news is, they won't have learned their lesson.


Melissa said...

Good for you! You are soooo right in calling and trying to turn them in. I was not a saint in my younger days, but I feel like kids today take a lot more risks (with themselves and others) than we used to. Maybe that is just a sign that I'm getting old!

Cheryl said...

Yes! I'm still furious about it!

Dawn said...

Hell, yeah, I woulda called the popo too! And, yes, right there with ya with the back in the day nonsense! Don't I feel stupid now about it, though.

Cheryl said...

Seriously! David finally talked to his cop friend today, who seconded what our other cop friend told us. We shoulda called 911 and followed them. Damn!

plangirl said...

Cheryl...same thing happened to us, only they were drinking! I gave them the stink eye, but was so indignant, I did call 911 and follow them! And yes, I took stupid risks in my younger days and if I had gotten caught, maybe I wouldn't have! Good for you!

Melissa said...

Okay, this comment isn't really about this particular post... I just thought it was funny that when I stopped by your blog today to see if you posted anything new, the Google ad on your blog was for nitrous! :) Very fitting. (I'm sure they planned it that way.)

OCHalf07 said...

You go girl! That is incredibly irresponsible and upsetting.

On a slightly related note, E and I were incredibly excited to get to go grocery shopping together. Even the most mundane chore sans kids is totally thrilling, isn't it?

Kristy said...

Good for you for taking matters into your own hands! Maybe we ARE getting old, but I would have been really upset by that too. And, now you know what to do should (heaven forbid) you see something like that again!!!

Amy said...

Cheryl - I had a similar thing happen while I was still pregnant. However, it was like 1:00 in the morning and this vehicle came up behind me, rode my ass, backed up, did it again and then passed me while swerving in and out of their lane. They happen to be going the same direction as us and we had a 45 minute drive north yet to home. After following them and watching them weaving across lanes and varying their speeds from 10 mph on the highway to 70 mph, I called 911. I did follow them, mostly because I was going that direction and I was scared to pass them. We stayed behind them on the phone with 911 for 25 minutes until they told us to drop back and suddenly an officer appeared in front of us and took over. That week in the local paper (we were nearly home by this point), there was a DWI that night at that time ... I too have grown up ... ((Hugs))

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