Saturday, April 03, 2010

Gotta Run

Yep. That was me. You know, the girl with the iPod, singing loudly, playing a little air drum, and, in between, smiling like a lunatic.

I couldn't help myself. I was outside on a cool, clear sunny day, and on a run around a local lake - a course I haven't done since before I got pregnant with X almost two years ago.

I don't remember the last time I felt that good while running. Usually, I'm in pain. My foot. My hip flexor. My back. My side. My backside. Sometimes it hurts the entire time, and the only part that's great is when I'm done.

Maybe this run was so fantastic because I wasn't on the treadmill in my garage, alternating staring at the concrete walls with willing the mile readout on the screen to go faster, even if my body refuses to.

I breathed fresh air. I didn't have to worry when I turned off my music I'd hear X crying, awake from his nap and irate I wasn't getting him out of his crib. Immediately.

The path around the lake is nice because it's a good mix of flat, downhill and one long, gradual uphill. It's a pretty popular place.

I drive by it a lot. I see the runners, the walkers, the joggers pushing baby strollers, people out with their dogs.

And I always think I should be out there.

Yesterday, I decided it was time.

I put X down for his nap and bolted out of the house (David works from home, so you don't need to call the authorities. Besides, the dogs are there, and they're big and bark like maniacs if so much as a leaf drifts by). It's less than a 10-minute drive to the lake. I parked in my usual spot. Stretched for a couple minutes. What, do you have a stopwatch? Okay, okay, it was for like 30 seconds, because I despise stretching.

I stuck my ear buds in, turned on my iPod, and off I went.

I remembered why I love to run. Everything worked. You know that feeling? Sure, I had a twinge in my knee toward the end, but otherwise, I felt really strong. Which is not normal, believe me.

I wondered why I'm having such a tough time getting back into it with any kind of consistency.

Then I got home. Within five minutes, the baby was up. Fifteen minutes after that, it was time to pick up the kids from school. Then I had to make lunch. Take X outside to play in the sandbox. Nurse him. Put him back down for a nap. Play Super Mario Bros. on the Wii educational games with Sawyer and Sage. Check in on Twitter, Facebook, email, my blog.

There was my answer.

Five hours after I'd finished my run, I finally - finally! -  got to take a shower.

Maybe tomorrow I'll even get to wash my hair.


Elle said...

I vaguely remember how great it feels to run outside and the sense of freedom! I tend to pee my pants if I run these days though. Not fun. Glad you got out by yourself! Showers are overrated.

Tisha said...

I can SO relate...there are some days when even my shower gets pushed back until the next day! But good for you, keep grabbing those running moments whenever you can, however fleeting. And Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest :-)

Swirvin said...

Sounds like a great run! I hate stretching too but have a feeling it is going to become more of a necessity as I get older lol (and of course actually start running again).

Cheryl said...

Elle - I only pee my pants if I try to do jumping jacks or something. My poor trainer gets to hear all about it!

Tisha - Seriously. There are days when the shower gets pushed back til the NEXT day. Argh!

Jen - Oh, I totally need to stretch. And do yoga. I do neither. Which is why Sage asked me last night, when we were walking upstairs, why my ankle was making that popping sound.

Andrea said...

Jumping Jacks...ahhh...I'm not the only one!

mama of 4 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
That sounds wonderful! I try to exercise when I can but I always hear MOMMMMMM before even 3 min. is up... sigh... one of these days right??? LOL

The Mayor! said...

Bahahahahahaha, as soon as I read the first sentence all I could picture was Phoebe from Friends "running" in the park all spazzy!! But seriously, you people are SPOILED! I sometimes can't remember WHEN my last shower was, especially when I catch a whiff of something rotten, start sniffing the kids, check the kitty litter, piggie cage, husband, & finally realize it's ME frik! Funnier still, I JUST blogged about that today LOL! Tomorrow is supposed to rain, I plan to walk the kids to school in my bikini with a bar of soap, that should get'er done!

Cheryl said...

Andrea - Please. You are definitely not the only one! My poor trainer. He tries to have me jump up on benches and stuff and I'm all "Nope. Sorry. I'll pee my pants."

Mamaof4 - Believe me. I hear you!

Cheryl said...

Mayor - Oh yes. I know how to bring the funk! You might be on to something with the bikini/bar of soap thing. I'm sure the moms at kindergarten drop off would totally enjoy that vision.. ;)

Jennifer said...

haha!! bit by bit right, you'll get there!! First, run, then shower, then hair! hehe!! Good for you girl! It's SO HARD for me to motivate myself to get out and run!! So good for you ma!!

By the way thanks for visiting me on my SITS day! Slowly making my way through all of the comments! :)

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