Thursday, August 31, 2006

Forgot the no naps part

In the previous post's headline I mention no naps, but I did not elaborate. Sage used to take about 5 hours worth of naps a day. She also sleeps 12 hours at night. I will save you the mindboggling mathematical calculations and tell you that left her awake just seven hours a day. Bliss. But the past few days, perhaps due to not feeling well or her constant teething, she has slept maybe an hour in the morning and about 45 minutes in the afternoon. Today I heard some suspiciously excited sounds from her cribwhen I thought she'd just been crying. I look up stairs and see her door is open - meaning that someone (hmm...who could it be?) was in her room! Yes, there was Sawyer, visiting his sister. I'd have been more amused if Sawyer had actually slept for longer than 45 minutes (like his usual three hours!).

Of snotty noses and no naps

For some reason, when Sawyer gets a cold, it morphs into some hideous illness that lingers around like an unwanted houseguest. GO ALREADY! My gf came to Sage's party and thought her son just had allergies - until her 5 month-old also got sick. Sawyer and Sage started sneezing their heads off, but Sage was done with it in a day. Which was monumental, because I found that the laws of physics do not allow me to simultaneously wipe two snotty noses after two synchronized sneezes when said noses are sitting across the room from each other. Ick. Sawyer is now blessed with sores on his tongue, which he seems to get whenever he is sick. He is now eating ice cream.

On a more pleasant topic, Sage, who might heretofore be known as Big Bruiser, is walking all over and is into everything. She is very very nosy. Not sure where she inherited that trait..HA HA. Anyway, her latest thing is to pretend to talk on the phone. She puts her hand, the remote, or sometimes, her new pink toy cellphone, and says something like "Aaah aaah" which is her take on Hello. She's a GENIUS!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Truer words have never been spoke

We went to the lake today so that Sawyer could ride his scooter. When we were in the car driving home, I asked him if he had fun. He said he did. "What was your favorite part?" I asked. "My penis," he replied.

In other action, I took Sage down to Nordy's to buy her her first pair of non-Robeez. I had no sooner walked into the shoe department when David called my cell. He was supposed to be "watching" Sawyer. They were at the fountain in the mall throwing coins into the water. Sawyer, who was apparently on his hands and knees up on the ledge (you can probably see where this is heading!) decided he wanted his money back. So - you guessed it - he lost his balance and took a header right into the water! Through some cosmic coincidence I had a change of clothing in the car, so they went to change before meeting us at Nordstrom, where Sawyer told me all about going "under the water!"
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