Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busted in the candy aisle

Well, this was pretty disturbing.

Yesterday David took Sawyer and Sage to Target. He called to ask if there was anything I wanted (as if there's enough time in the day to go over THAT particular list). The only thing I could think of? A box of Mike and Ikes.

That's right. Hello. My name is Cheryl. And I'm a sugarholic.

I own it, Internets. I do.

Some of you have a glass (or three) of wine to take the edge off a traumatic day. Some of you drink coffee in the morning to help you face the whine.

Me? I love me my sugar.

Unfortunately, my days of grabbing a handful of sweetness are coming to an end. I'd like to say it's because I'm really trying to get into shape and the sugar is a big sabotager. And I guess it's partly that.

But David told me what Sawyer said when he picked up a box for me.

"Why doesn't Mommy eat healthy food?"


Of COURSE I know kids watch everything I do. I'm sure we've all had a moment where we've heard our child tell another one to "KNOCK IT OFF" in our exact voice. I suppose I was hoping my kids wouldn't notice that I rarely eat fruit because I have a pretty big texture aversion, and that the fact Daddy eats it would cancel me out.

I was wrong.

It's not like I don't eat healthy stuff. I actually do. But I'm so limited on snack food right now that instead of having cheese and crackers or a container of yogurt (strike that, I can't stand the stuff), they *might* see me instead sneak a few cinnamon bears.

Now that I've been busted I have to reform. I will only eat nutritious things - carrots, raspberries - in front of them.

The second they go to bed? I can't promise I won't be diving into my secret stash of mommy's little helper.

What's your vice you don't want your kids to see?


Anonymous said...

"Why doesn't Mommy eat healthy food?"
Whammo! Kids are so good at getting those zingers in aren't they? Just when you think they don't notice it - TAH DAH!! they get you.

My vice - is the chocolate. I will eat it in front of them but most usually not. They ask questions about the pepsi I drink, and I tell them it's for adults! :-)

I actually told me daughter that caffiene stunts growth and I stand by that. I don't want them taking my pepsi.


Unknown said...

As I read this, I have just finished eating a box of sour patch kids. I have a sugar addiction. All I can say is good luck to you, oh, and may the force be with you.

Unknown said...

Oh no! Well, unfortunately for sure, my kid knows about all of my vices! He is with me all the time (except for school) so he knows my failings. I am sort of glad because he makes me feel SO super guilty when I fall off the wagon :) and buy junk food galore at the market!

Stopping over via SITS today.

BNM said...

good luck kickin the sugar i know its difficult it sucks when our kids call us out.. and the most dreaded is "mommy youre fat" my 3 year old said that to me hence the diet im now on lol

Jennifer said...

I am still stuck on the part how you do not like fruit because of its texture. Now that's funny!

I am a chocolate kind of girl, love the stuff, but I do not want my kids to have it cause I am greedy. Sooooo, I give them the dark chocolate which they hate and they leave my snickers alone.

Merry said...

I am a sugarholic too. I take mine in the form of homemade cookies, though so maybe it's not so bad. I've never like straight sugar candy that much b/c it make me feel weird. I don't feel too guilty about eating or drinking anything around Evan b/c I think I an pretty balanced with things so it's okay.

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

I love sugar too! Actually, Mike and Ike's sound just about perfect right now!!

kirsten said...

So now I know why we're friends. Because if we went to the movies together we'd be shouting Hell to the No! for the popcorn, and asking for doubles on the Twizzlers & SourPatchKids.

The crappier the sugar source, the more I'm into it. Twinkies? Bring it on. And of course the hubs is into shit like 70% cacao bean chocolate nibs and... marzipan fruit. Eeeecccch.

But I *totally* hide it from my kids. They have no idea.

MiniMe Mom said...

Oh, I am right there with you. I love me some gummy worms or double dipped chocolate peanuts.

I usually try to sneak it and when my son asks what I have in my mouth, I utter "I don't know, what?" and change the subject ASAP.

Pamela Gold said...

That's horrifying! Come by on Friday, it's now labeled Friday Fatties.... We're weighing in and slapping each other around a bit.

A 2 Z said...


Our kids are our best teachers. They dont miss a beat. As they get older it sometimes becomes excruciating the things they throw back at you, especially if they are girls! I have so many vices and mine are all about food. I guess the worse one is french pastries made with whipped cream. Ooooh my lord! Once I start with those......
Visiting from SITS!

OC Fun Blog said...

Uh Oh! I know excatly how you feel. "When the paradigm shifts" should be the next parental book out there:) I think this happens to us all. As much as I'd like to think I am close to perfect, my kids put that passing thought into perspective. hehe. Good luck with kicking the habit:)

Michelle said...

Aww, I hate it when the kids call you out on your bad habit. I would say mine is chocolate, but I more hide that from them because I don't want to share! :)

I suppose, the vise I don't want them to see (and actually, it's just the little one) is biting my finger nails. It's a horrible habit, and one my little guy has picked up. So, I try not to do that in front of him.

Stopping by from SITS

Cindy said...

Cheryl, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, kids notice everything and imitate everything, YIKES!

PS I am all of the above, love my wine, coffee AND sugar soooo, how am I going to hide that from my kid ? :-)

Momotics said...

That sounds so familiar to me! LOL

I have to wait till my kids are napping to sneak the snacks I have hidden. LOL

Stoppin' by from SITS!

Cheryl said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one having clandestine rendezvous with my candy stash!

Krajcimama said...

I use to smoke...I haven't smoked for about a year and a half. Actually, my oldest son and I had the same "quit date"! He quit wearing diapers and I quit smoking! :)

I quit for so many reasons...but not wanting my kids to see me smoke was a big one. I didn't want to be the hypocritical mom who said, "Don't ever start because it's so hard to quit and it's so bad for you..."

Now, though - it's probably coffee. I hardly ever drink water. It's almost always diet coke or diet pepsi or coffee. My kids, though, think that everything I drink is coffee. :)

Good luck!

The Mayor! said...

LOL...I keep all my "naughty" snacking to late night...that way I don't have to frikkin share!! But I also keep cut up celery, baby carrots, melon, etc in the fridge to make it easier for ALL of us to reach for healthy snacks. Part of it IS the prep, & often no one can be bothered. But if it's already prepped, even the grapes being in a bowl & washed already, we will all gravitate to it more often. I love Mike & Ikes though...but for me, it's always the Swedish Berries hiding under my bed...


Catherine B said...

Love sugar too! Glad I am in good company - my kids busted me the other day for not "eating anything but junk" for lunch...wonder where they have heard that phrase before??

Lisa said...

Oh, snap!

Gah, I feel like a poser when I say that.

Too funny, though!

I have bags of Milano cookies hidden in various recesses of the kitchen. I can literally eat an entire bag by myself, and I hate sharing.

mrs.notouching said...

I don't want my kid to see me eat my daily dose of sugar, fat and then drink it down with a glass of wine. So basically I don't want my kid to see me eat. Period.

Cheryl said...

It's very funny to me that we hide our eating from our kids. I totally do it - but apparently I wasn't hiding it well enough! At least they also see me go for my runs and they know I work out with a trainer, so that counter-acts it. Right? RIGHT?!?!

Lucy said...

My husband & I have such horrible eating habits, and we are determined not to pass them on to our son. Up to now I've made all of his baby food, made sure he's getting a balanced diet, etc. And we've been able to continue being bad, because he's been too young to notice. But now? Even though he's not even a year old I feel like he's noticing. He lunges for my Diet Dr Pepper can (my MAJOR addiction!) every time I'm drinking one (no worries--he hasn't actually gotten a hold of it!) and eyeballs everything we put in our mouths. Time to start taking some healthy eating cues from him, I guess. Sigh...

AiringMyLaundry said...

The junk food eating is a big one for me too.

I try to eat better around the kids but sometimes I slip.

Kris said...

Vices? I call them necessities. I crave 2-3 cups of coffee every morning (at least they're half-calf), love all sweets except for hard candy, and truly enjoy a glass of red (or two, or three) a couple of nights a week. :O)

Karen said...

haha!!! SO I'm not the only momma with her secret stash of goodies. there sitting in the kitchen pantry hidding all the way in the back is a bag of REESE'S PIECES.

OOooo... How I love being an adult sometimes and not having to ask permission to get candy ^-^

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