Monday, July 24, 2006

Plugged In

Sawyer's favorite thing lately - mainly because he's sick and we haven't been leaving the house much - is to watch his favorite movie, Top Gun, on David's iPod. Occasionally, Sawyer will shout out such gems as "Three-quarters of a mile, call the ball" or "Turn and Burn." David also downloaded Madagascar and the Tigger movie, but Sawyer wants no part of the G-rated ones...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

These toes were made for walkin'

Sage is really starting to figure out how to walk. Tonight she took 5, 8 10 little tiny steps. She looked quite startled when she then landed on her butt. The best is when I start clapping and saying "Yay!" and then she starts clapping too. She looks so pleased with herself!

Sawyer has a snotty nose and a cough so we didn't do much today. That of course made him stir crazy so he proceeded to throw toys all over the place. He became well-aquainted with time out.

The good news is a cold front moved in: instead of it being 106 as it was Saturday, it was a brisk 96 today...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Quotes of the (Yester)Day

"I want to pee on Baby Sage."

"Don't hit your sister over the head with a bucket."

"I see Mommy's penis."

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Note to Self

Self: Don't show your 2 1/2 year old the movie Bug's Life. Sawyer was watching it the other day, and right at the beginning, these giant, ugly-looking grasshoppers invade the ant hill. Sawyer seemed okay, but then I looked over to where he was sitting on the couch, and his whole face crumpled and he started crying. I asked what was wrong and he said "I'm scared of the grasshopper!" It broke my heart to see how frightened he was. And really, they WERE kinda scary. Big bulgy eyes. Creepy antennae. And those legs! Needless to say, I immediately turned off the movie and told him they were just on TV, they weren't real, and Mommy wouldn't let anything happen to him. Phew. Of course, last night before bed, he said when he closed his eyes he saw a bug. We were prepared for nightmares, but he finally fell asleep without further insect incident.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Here are my other sweeties

The dog with the big ears is Gable. He is almost six. He was found as a puppy cowering under a car in the USC parking lot. I saw his picture on the internet and it was love at first sight. We have no idea what breed he is. The floppy eared one we got six months later. Her name is Garbo, and she is a pit mix. She is a few months younger than Gable, but she has more white on her muzzle. Her special talent is she can be sound asleep, snoring away, and hear a chip drop on the floor two rooms over and will be there before you have a chance to pick it up.

Here are my sweeties. We tried to pose them for a nice shot for my husband's Father's Day photo album. Sage's head looks a little, um, large, but I still thought it was sweet.

Post Numero Uno

Well, I've finally done it. I'm going to attempt a blog. I have nothing to sell, not much wisdom to impart, but I do have two awfully cute kids to post pictures of. We live in the lovely OC where I am a full-time SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) to Sawyer, born 12/13/03, and Sage, born 9/10/05, and two large mutts.
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