About me

Hi. I'm Cheryl. I'm a recovering sports writer turned full-time mom of three rambunctious kids: Sawyer, age 6, Sage, who's 4, and Baby X, who's 1.

I came to The OC more than 10 years ago by way of the East Coast, where I'd spent my entire life (and yes, I miss weather - any weather! I mean, there's only so much sun you can take!). I met my future husband on a layover at Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport when I was moving to Southern California and he was returning home to SoCal from a business trip in May of '99.

He's convinced me that we HAVE to live here, because where else can you surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon? He did not seem impressed when I pointed out that we do NEITHER of those activities.

I used to cover Major League Baseball, but now I spend my time watching my eldest son play his first season of Little League. It's WAY more fun, and I don't have to get on an airplane to do it!

I should also mention my work has appeared in Sports Illustrated, The Orange County Register, The Palm Beach Post, The Hartford Courant and other major metro newspapers. I retired from the newspaper business while pregnant with my daughter, and now get my writing fix mainly from this blog. I also currently write for Classic Play, an emag, and contribute to MommiesWithStyle.

When I'm not perched in front of my computer or at the baseball or soccer field cheering on my kids, I am gearing up - at least, mentally - to start training for my third marathon.
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