Thursday, April 08, 2010

He's out! Time to booty shake!

We did it, and he was not happy.




He was sobbing. Not the fussy waah waah waah. These were real, heart breaking, from the soul cries.

I of course ignored it for as long as I could.

And then I gave in. Like I always do, eventually.

It was the first night in X's life that he slept away from me. We'd been discussing the move for awhile, as I really need to get my space back and move his crib out of our room. But he'd been sick for basically a month with one thing or another and I felt bad.

Finally, this week David dismantled the crib (because of course it doesn't fit through the door), excavated Sawyer's room, and reassembled the crib in there.

It's a tight fit.

Sawyer was very excited to have his roomie, who he's suddenly referring to as his "little pal." But that first night, as we're trying to get X to cry it out and go to sleep, Sawyer kept running in and out of his room, complaining that the baby is "too loud." Apparently, he did not get the memo about How to Play Dead when there's a crying baby looking at you.

At 9 p.m., an hour and a half after our first try at putting him down, and after I nursed him again, X fell asleep. And so did Sawyer.

Now, when I went to bed that night, there *might* have been a happy dance in the space vacated by the crib. It may have involved arm waving and booty shaking. WITH THE LIGHTS ON.

Because, for the past almost 13 months, we have crept into the room, only turning on our bathroom light very, very dimly. Which explains why several times when I opened my contact container in the morning, it was empty: the contact was instead stuck to the sink where I'd dropped it and hadn't noticed.

I wasn't even sure if our TV still worked.

I breathed. EXTRA LOUD.

And then I started folding and putting away the mountains of laundry that have piled up, because the only time I had to do it was when he was napping - and since that was in our room, it didn't get done.

Last night he went right to sleep and slept 11 hours. So he's adjusted.

Except when he doesn't take a morning nap and falls sound asleep while nursing before his afternoon nap - only to have his brother and sister walk into the room and start playing TWENTY SEVEN MINUTES later.

And the baby doesn't go back to sleep for another hour.

Not that I've noticed. There's dancing - and as always, laundry - to be done.


Anonymous said...

Booty shake indeed! And loudly at that!

Hagler Happenings said...

That is worthy of a happy dance! It's such a good feeling to start feeling normal again. Congrats!

catherine B said...

Much deserved booty shake! Transitions are hard - good job!

N. Angail said...

I finally made it over. sorry it took so long. Aww, my daughter still sleeps with us. dont even want to think about the transition

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