Saturday, April 10, 2010

Everybody say "Par-TAY!" Ultimate Blog Party, that is

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Sooo..I'm a first-timer at this sort of thing, and I'm just figuring out what I have to do. So bear with me. Or is it bare with me (uh, no, that would be for ANOTHER kind of party).

This one is the Ultimate Blog Party. I guess I tell you a little about myself, my blog, my interests, etc. I'm a little nervous. What if you don't like me? Or what if you do? The pressure! The pressure!

Okay. I'm calming down. Taking deep cleansing I detect a poopy diaper?

Yep. That's my life. I'm a mom to three weirdos adorable kids. I blog about them a lot (no animals were harmed in the taking of this picture).

I live in the OC, where my house is tiny and my (non-nursing) boobs are even smaller. I'm originally from New England but lived a bunch of places as an adult before coming out here, where I got married and had my kids.

In my spare (HA! AHAHAHAHA!) time, I trained and ran two half-marathons and two full ones. I'm currently attempting to get back into the running thing. We bought a treadmill. I'm so glad it's going to good use.

Now back to the blog. I also write about things that impact all of us: as women, as mothers. Just the other day I wrote this post about my feelings on how women pressure each other to breastfeed, but our society as a whole doesn't support it. It has links to a story on CNN in which I was quoted, a post I did for the Orange County Moms Blog, and a story from a long time ago I wrote when I was a newspaper reporter (more on this in a minute).

Speaking of nursing, I took this picture yesterday at the San Diego Zoo, and if any of you have every breastfed your children, you totally get this. You know EXACTLY how this piglike creature felt, totally zonked while the babies just nursed away. The little piglets!

Let's see.. another topic about which I'm passionate is home birth. Before you hurriedly rush to get to the next blog, hold up! Believe me when I tell you I'm the least granola person alive. Seriously. My second child, my daughter, was born at home accidentally. I was in labor denial because my first was nine days late (I KNOW! If one more person had called and asked if I'd had the baby yet...), and this happened when I was a week early. But my water broke and Sage was born about 40 minutes later. On my couch. True story. My doula delivered her. Third child was surprise, but his home birth wasn't; I had him in a pool in my bedroom.

A couple posts I wrote that seemed to touch a lot of people: one about Layla Grace, the little two year-old girl who recently died of neuroblastoma (if you were at all on Twitter you probably heard about her battle against the disease), and this post based on a convo I had with a close friend after the birth of her first baby. Oh! And this one about how to talk to your kids about faith when you don't even know what you believe yourself.

Let me just say it's not all serious around here. Not at all. I have fun! I do! I blogged about a typical morning, what it's like to be in a dressing room with a four year-old, and wondering if I'm the only one saying those things my mother said I SWORE I wouldn't. You do that too, huh?

But for some reason, when I get all serious, you like me more. Saps.

Either that, or I'm not funny.


Okay. So back in the day, I was a sports reporter and covered a Major League Baseball team. I was one of two women in the country who did it at one point. It taught me a lot: How to write on deadline. How fast I could sprint to make my connection at O'Hare. How to pretend I didn't hear a player fart at his locker.

All the glamourous stuff.

But out of it all came my blog. Because ultimately, despite the sometimes "challenging" work environs,  I loved to write. Still do. I hope it shows around these parts. Enjoy looking around!

It has come to my attention that there are supposed to be prizes with this party thing. Not for you, silly. For me! Here's what I'd love to win - and go check out the links. Some cool stuff out there!

1) A $150 shopping spree at Pedal Cars and Retro Collectables and 5 Minutes for Mom. I'd love one of those bikes with no pedals for X. My other kids sure learned to ride a two-wheeler early the old-fashioned way, but maybe I can get X started even sooner!

2) Tupperware. If you could see the state my containers are in.. No link but it's offered by Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads.

3) A $50 giftcard to Target. Do you really need to ask? From Pegs Play.

If all those fab things are gone, then I'd love #11, 45, 71, 73, 95, or 112.


Lindsay - MommyBrainUSA said...

I'm here from the UBP! Nice to "meet" you! I feel like my party post was not half as informative, I may need to make a few additions now!

Mandi said...

I can't wait to read about home birthing! That's actually something I'm interested in, but I'm not sure how the Hubs feels. I will be coming back to read some previous posts for sure!

Cheryl said...

Lindsay - I think I *may* be oversharing! I wasn't sure how much to put in the post.

Mandi - Feel free to shoot me an email if you want more info. Best experience of my life. Go watch "The Business of Being Born," the documentary by Rikki Lake. It's amazing!

Rachel said...

We have wild pigs in our area... you make them look much cuter! Your kids are beautiful - fun popping in from UBP!

Crystal said...

Great post - following you now from ubp10. Your kids are cute!!

Cheryl said...

Rachel - Wow! You have wild pigs? I think I'd FREAK OUT! These were safely in an enclosure! Thanks for stopping by!

Crystal - Thank! I think they're pretty cute myself. But I might be a little biased. ;)

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

Hi Cheryl! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm a new follower of yours & cant wait to keep reading. I have fam in the OC & I love to visit! I used to play college bball at a small university...I love sports! Glad I found you!

Anonymous said...

Here from UBP, and love your par-tay post! Looking forward to reading more.

Almost had our second child in the car on the way to the hospital!!! In denial like you - people don't believe you can be in denial about labor, but childbirth plays funny tricks on your mind ; - )

Dayngr said...

1st time visitor from the UBP and I already adore your blog. Anyone who can make me smile after the day I just had is ok in my book and a must follow - so - I am not your newest stalker, er, follower. Yay me!

Dee said...

HAHAH! Yes, I get the pig picture. Currently. Very realistically. TOTALLY!


Sucking your blog into my Google Reader now. :) Will be back to peruse more.

Ciaran said...

If you're at the party then I'm in too! I always know there's something worth reading on your site. And your son is always so fashionable too - love the outfit from the zoo LOL! Wish we'd been able to come along.

The Lady of the House said...

We must live in the same tiny house =)
I sooo feel like that pig right now...
Thanks for turning me onto your little world!

Jenn said...

What a cute little piggy pic!!

Stopping by for the party!! Hope you are having fun at the UBP!

Jenni ("Miss Tutu")
My UBP blog post: How to Make a Tutu blog - hope you will stop by and say hi! :) and Mom Blogger $100 Cash Contest

Kristin said...

I like you. No crickets over here. All giggles.

The home birth totally intrigues me.

Spoiled...but Not Rotten said...

This is my first year joining the UBP! So glad I did! You have a new follower!

Cheryl said...

Kate - Yay! Glad you stopped by! And cool that you used to play bball! I didn't quite make it past freshman year - of high school!

Momdrobe - if we had driven off, I definitely would've had the baby in the car! Thanks for stopping by!

Dayngr - Woohoo - glad you came over. Love your blog!

Dee - I seriously could not stop taking pictures of that pig-thing. At one point one of the babies was trying to get in her mouth. And the Mommy Pig-thing got up and tried to get away, but those little suckers chased her down and kept right on going!

Ciaran - I love those pants and those circus shirts. LOVE them!! And we missed you at the zoo!

Jenni - Thanks! Glad you came by!

Kristin - Happy you didn't hear the crickets ;). Home birthing IS definitely interesting!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice to meet you! Great "Party"! Hope your having fun at the UBP, I know I am! Here is my Party Post, come on over and make yourself at home!

Merry said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really like your blog & I am going to follow. I keep doing Google Reader is going to have a stroke! Happy UBP10!

Yankee Wife said...

"Par-TAY!" Ok, I'm so jealous of the MLB reporter thing. What's your favorite stadium? We haven't been to the new Yankees stadium either... hopefully we'll rectify that this summer-can't wait!!
Happy UBP!!

Darcel said...

Hey Fellow homebirther! We're planning a waterbirth with this one. We did with the other two, but it never seemed to work out. 3rd times a charm, right?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am looking forward to reading over the links you put in your post.
This is also my first time doing a blog party like this. It's fun!

JoAnn said...

OH mY GOSH! I think we are going to be great friends. You had me at "treadmill" no, you had me at Dirty! You had me at SPECIAL SAUCE!

Cheryl said...

Lady of the House - missed replying on my last comment (sorry!). Yes. Tiny house. And I'm still thinking about that pig..

Spoiled BNR - Glad you came over and thanks for following! This party thing is fun!

Hi Mrs. Marine - thanks for partying over here!

Merry - OMG I know. I never realized how many great blogs there are out there! Us moms can do anything!

YankeeWife - I like a lot of different stadiums for different reasons: the Old Yankee Stadium, Fenway and Wrigley b/c of their history; PacBell b/c it's a fun place to watch a game; Safeco b/c they served awesome cookies in the press dining room...oh wait. i guess that doesn't count!

Darcel - My 3rd was a water birth. It's definitely different! And I am really enjoying "meeting" so many new people. Thanks for stopping by!

Cheryl said...

JoAnne - I so look forward to reading more of your posts!

Bri said...

Passing thru while doing a last round of blog hopping from UBP10. You've got one very interesting blog! Can't wait to check it out in more detail soon! In the meantime, have fun making new friends! I hope to be back!

Brittney said...

I am a 1st timer at this too.. I absolutely love reading blogs so i thought what they hey (hay?) ;p

Wow homebirths That is amazing!!! Anyway look forward to reading more Have a great week!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

You are hilarious! So glad I came on over...

I can totally relate to that pig. I felt just like that -- esp in the beginning. But I actually LOVED nursing (although I never thought I would and only did it b/c I knew it was best for the baby). I nursed both until 2 yrs old. (And yes, my breasts suffered for it. LOL)

Home birth? So funny that it first happened to you by accident and then you planned it for your next.

Personally, no. Give me a hospital bed and an epidural.

Talk soon

Sarah said...

You are seriously funny. Now a follower.Thanks for stopping by my blog via the UBP. Have a great week.

Jae said...

Loving the UBP! You've got a lovely blog and even lovelier children. :) Keep on partying!

Anonymous said...

Happy UBP 2010!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Thanks for making it to my blog! I love your writing style btw ... I haven't done a homebirth but it is something I am intrigued by - my oldest sister however has had all four of her girls at home. Pretty inspiring. :)

Hope you have fun partying!!

Auntie E said...

Nice to met you...Life is crazy but it helps to blog about it, somehow it makes it seem normal.
this is my first year at the UBP so I also am learning how it works. I found it easier to visit from Twitter and a few off the list. so Many on that list. My # are 485 and 1527. Oh yeah two of them. It might be easier for you, since I know those kids are pulling you around, to use these links;Auntie E's kitchen.
Living Healthy
anyhow I hope you can drop by and learn a little about me. then follow me on Twitter, FB and/or Google. I will be following you.

One Cluttered Brain said...

So nice to meet ya! You sound FUN so I joined the ranks as your latest follower! Can't wait for MORE posts?

home births? sounds great for you but for me? No way. I'm a baby for pain and I think I am about done having kids anyway.
I LOVE your writing style--Can't wait to tweet at ya!
You sound like a BLAST to get to know!!!

Thanks for "bearing" thru the PARTY post. I enjoyed getting to know me! Hope you will stop by my place--180 in the linky. Talk to you later!!!

Jennifer said...

Loved your intro! Thanks for visiting my blog. I plan to make more visits to yours in the future!

Cheryl said...

Bri - Thanks! Hope to see you here again soon!

Brittany - Yay! (yea?) So glad you stopped by!

Susan - Thanks for stopping by! I'm still going with my 13 month-old and somedays I STILL feel just like that pig! As for homebirth - I had the whole hospital/epi thing with my first, and let me tell you, if I can do homebirth, anyone can!

Sarah - Thanks!!

Jae - Thanks - I think my kids are pretty awesome too!

Comfort Designs - Happy UBP to you too!

Erin - You can TOTALLY do a homebirth! How cool about your sister!

Auntie E - Thanks! It does help to blog and know that we're not alone in this craziness! ;)I will check out your links - thanks!

One Cluttered Brain - I'll be over to see you soon. And my first homebirth was so NOT painful! Hypnobabies rules!

Jennifer - Hope to see you again!

Scary Mommy said...

Awwwww, I love seeing baby anything at the zoo! That poor mama looks zonked!

The Praying Mom said...

Visiting as part of UBP. I loved the picture of the pig. I know exactly how that poor pig must feel. Nice to "meet" you. I will be back for sure. Enjoy the party :)

Cheryl said...

Scary Mommy - yes! baby animals are just sooo sweet and fuzzy!

PrayingMom- Thanks for stopping by! Yep - I think that pig is bonding with a LOT of people! ;)

WhisperingWriter said...

Ooo yes, I'd love a gift card from Target.

I wouldn't mind homebirthing if I didn't mind the pain. As it is I DO mind the pain and need the drugs.

Momma Stuff said...

Just wanted to stop by your blog, I'm following you now! Your kids look so cute - do any of them have food allergies too? Amber :)

gamommy2two said...

This is a wonderful blog! Where have you been all my bloggy-life? I can't wait to read more!

Cheryl said...

WhisperingWriter - I love me some pain. HA!

MommaStuff - My eldest has peanut/treenut, and we are in the midst of testing the baby to see what's up with him. Glad you stopped by!

GaMommyto2 - I've been right here, blogging away since '06! Glad you found me! ;)

Mariana @ Riding With No Hands said...

Hi Cheryl! Just dropping by for the party! I LOVE that picture of your three little weirdos, I mean... kids. ;) It totally shows what their personalities are like!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by In Sock Monkey Slippers! I have to say this is the best UBP post I've read yet. Nice to meet you.

Cheryl said...

Hey Mariana! Actually, the picture would be even MORE perfect if my daughter had been making a silly face too and my baby had been screaming! LOL

sockmonkey - Wow! Thank you! Unless of course I'm the first one you've read.. ;)

Stephanie - the 300-lb Crazy Lady said...

Thanks so much for visiting me via the UBP - you are clearly a woman after my own heart!

Nary a drop of formula crossed my elder daughter's lips; we had to put my younger daughter on formula just so she could gain enough weight to leave the hospital. I can't imagine, though, having to deal with a breastmilk allergy. The good thing, though, is that you have been able to deal with it and have happy, healthy kids. The allergy test with the adhesive strips seemed so much more humane than scratch tests - till I saw you wrote it has to stay on for 48 hours. Bleah!

Cheryl said...

Stephanie - And then we did the scratch test today - and the boy didn't even cry! And yes. I am VERY thankful for happy, healthy kids!

Janene said...

I love the comparison of your small house to other small things :)

Have a good time partying with UBP10. Stop by if you get a chance And see what we have to help you Stop Drop and Relax. Visit our store at and Prepare To Be Pampered. said...

Love the pics on your post!! So glad to find you at the PaRtY!! Hope you can make it by our place:

With Aloha :) said...

Love the pics on your post!! So glad to find you at the PaRtY!! Hope you can make it by our place:

With Aloha :) said...

Love the pics on your post!! So glad to find you at the PaRtY!! Hope you can make it by our place:

With Aloha :)

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

How cool to be sports reporter! We are a sports loving family in my house (of three boys + the hubby) Nice to meet you through the UBP

motherlylaw said...

Hi Cheryl
Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting Motherly Law. Yes, Darling 1 did help make the cupcakes. He does love to "help" in the kitchen. Love you site and your voice. Your kids are adorable. I will be back to read more!
Thanks, Anna from Motherly Law

Jordan Sneakers said...

The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog,keep smiling and take care!

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