Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Race Like No Other

You might think this is a shameless plug, and maybe it is, but I don't care. I'm just a-burstin' with pride.

My dear friend, Liz Robbins, has written her first book! (pause for applause and woots)

It is called A Race Like No Other and is about the New York Marathon. But not REALLY about the marathon, just as for many of us, running a marathon isn't really about running a marathon. It's about how far you can push yourself, whether it be to prove something to yourself or to someone else; to raise money or awareness for a cause (GO TEAM!); or, for some, to win.

Liz followed a bunch of people - elite runners, a mom who is a recovering alcoholic, a 22 year-old cancer survivor, to name a few - and learned about their lives and what brought them all to this one glorious day in November.

I was lucky enough to read the first couple chapters of the book and I can't wait to read more. And not just because I'm about to run a marathon. The writing is, of course, beautiful, and also humorous. But it's the individual stories that really suck you in.

It's available for a special price on pre-order at

Liz and I met back in 1995 when both of us were covering the NCAA womens' basketball tournament. You may be surprised to know that most of the women sportswriters I've met and become friends with are very bright and funny and are some of the most successful (Liz took a leave from the New York Times to write this) and fabulous people I know.

This is somewhat amazing because there aren't many women who do that particular job. Some of the men are pretty cool, too, of course, but the women kick ass. Seriously.

Anyway, I am SOOO proud. Most of us writers and would-be writers can only dream of accomplishing what Liz has by getting a book published. So raise a glass (of Gatorade) and go buy the book!


Melissa said...

Hooray for your friend Liz!!! I will visit Amazon and check out her book. And, I am still sending you positive thoughts as Sunday gets ever-closer! :)

Jen C said...

What a huge accomplishment! I can't stand running nor the thought of it (probably b/c I am what I would label a EXTREMELY AWKWARD runner) but I'm definitely going to check out her book!

pam r. said...

I love your shameless plug!
I am "that mom", an obnoxiously grateful recovering alcoholic, slated to be included in Liz's upcoming book.
In a word, Wow. I am so incredibly blessed to have met Liz Robbins, and now to consider her a very special friend.
I may be biased, but I also can not wait to read her book!

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