Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Cobles Had Their Triplets!

The day, I'm sure, was bittersweet. Celebrating the miracle that is birth while mourning those that came before.

Lori and Chris Coble - the local family who lost all three of their young children in a horrific car accident last year - are now the parents of triplets. Ashley, Ellie and Jake were born April 30th.

The babies arrived exactly four days before the one year anniversary of the deaths of their older brother, Kyle, who was 5, and sisters Emma (4) and Katie (2).

The Cobles were left as parents without children. They were still young, though, in their early 30s. They decided to start - again - a family. They opted for in vitro, and three eggs were implanted.

One boy. Two girls.


I wonder if they can love their three beautiful new babies as unreservedly as they did their first three, before they learned that life can be snatched away before there's time to brake.

Or, just maybe, lessons learned will help them love even more.

Congratulations, Coble Family, on your three blessings.


Janine said...

I am so glad for them. I remember you posting that story and I just felt sick for days after it. I hope they are able to enjoy this new beginning while still remembering the other little babies they lost.

Amy said...

Gave the chills again ... I too remember your original post. I wish them all the best.

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