Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Cook Wins Idol! I Laugh at Husband!

I heart American Idol. I really, really do.

I know! But there's just something about watching people just put themselves out there that either 1) I admire or 2) I get to do my favorite thing, which is to be completely judgemental over people I don't know.

I have been known on occasion to shout at the TV, letting loose with such gems as "YOU SUCK!" or "SHUT UP ALREADY, PAULA!" Or I'll just tivo my way past some of the more horrendous performers.

Like that Overmyer girl with that awful raspy-but-in-a-drunken-kinda-weird-way voice. Or Kristy Lee Cook. This girl had a body to die for, but she totally killed me when she warbled I'm Proud to be an American. I mean, come on! It might just be the worst song ever written (if you ever cover as much major league baseball as I have and hear this song EVERY NIGHT, perhaps only then will you understand the true blechiness of it).

No one, however, was more annoying than David Archuleta. I am beyond grateful to whoever told him to STOP LICKING HIS LIPS when he sang. And those ballads...I wanted to kill myself, but not as violently as I did when he sang that Chris Brown song about someone being his "boo."

To be fair, Archuleta does have a lovely voice. It was just the rest of him that drove me nuts.

My husband, on the other hand, liked him.

"He's only 17, give him a break!" he'd yell at me as I went on and on and on about how irritating his old-man walk is, or how he got teary whenever the judges fawned over him.

"He looks like he should be singing in his high school play!"

"Well he IS in high school. He's 17!!"

Then there was the whole Dad thing. First, the guy shows up in a grungy baseball cap. Possibly someone snatched it off his head and beat him with it to get him away from his son, because he later wore a Britney-esque paperboy cap.

FYI: No one likes a Stage Dad.

David Cook, on the other hand, was my fave. Love his voice. Love his music. ALMOST downloaded his version of Hello. He was unique on a stage of singers trying to sound like everyone else.

He does, however, have an enormous head. I mean, have you seen him stand next to Ryan? Yegads it's like an eclipse!

But he seems genuine. His tears seem real. His surprise - when he won - didn't look fake at all.

Kinda like the look on my husband's face. He was blathering on and on about how Archie's his boy and he called it from the first time he saw it. So imagine his surprise when Ryan said it was David...Cook!"

There might have been a dance or two with fingers pointed in my husband's face. Possibly a neeneer neener or two.

It's okay, dear husband. There's always next year.

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