Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All A Twitter

It's always fascinating to see what those Krazy Kids are up to these days. Their long hair. Their rock 'n roll music.

Anyway, I got sucked into Facebook, only to find that hardly anyone I know (except for my lovely message board friends and some of my mommy friends) is on it. I think I'm too old. Social networking has passed me by (to think what damage I could've done had it been around 20 years ago boggles the mind).

Next up? Twitter.

As my friend Jen says, it's like Blogger's ADHD little brother. It's a (warning: buzz words coming!) "social networking site" that gives you minute-to-minute what all your friends who subscribe are doing. Because, you know, that's vital info. You can also of course keep them abreast of all your movements.

You can get the feed on your computer or even your cell phone. I mean, that's the rumor, anyway. I, personally, don't get it. I don't get how to read other people's twitters. I don't get how to send them. Mostly, I don't get why I'd want to.

I'm more twit than twitter when it comes to this stuff.

There is also a thing where you can follow people, which would be like cyberstalking accept I think you usually know who's following you. Or maybe not. What do I know? I'm lucky I figured out how to set up a blog (and THAT wasn't without tech trauma either!).

I wonder if it would make me seek a more exciting life. Cause currently, my twitter - if I can ever figure it out - would be something like this:

I'm up!
I'm pooping!
I'm eating breakfast!
I'm pooping again!
I'm going for a run!
I'm back from my run!
I'm making my kids breakfast!
My son is pooping!
I'm yelling at him to hurry up!
I'm wiping his butt!
I'm yelling at him to get dressed!
I'm yelling at him to get in the car!
We're driving to preschool!

And so on. There really is a thing as TMI.

The people you'd REALLY want to know about (like, you know, La Lohan, I'm always curious what people like her actually DO all day)probably don't twitter. They're too busy throwing back a couple quarts of vodka tonics whiel injecting botox into their dogs or something.

Still. The fact that I can't figure it out makes me wildly attracted to it, kinda like that dangerous looking guy with the scruff and jean jacket who sat in the back of your 10th grade geometry class.

I will make another attempt or two to set mine up. Then I'll have to move on.

I eventually did end up with a nice guy after all, you know?


Just J said...

OMG - LMAO. Definitely TMI. I just don't get it either.

Marcy - The Glamorous Life! said...

Twitter is fun. I know it doesn't SOUND fun- but it is. You need to TRY it. Go to my site and click 'follow' and then you will see everything I say on your Twitter page (log in) last twitter was:

"Why limit happy to just one hour"

see? just silly things..funny stuff. I think you will LOVE IT!!!!

Come one and twitter-
Home TWEET home!

Melissa said...

Hmmm... Twitter? I haven't heard of it (I am SO behind the times!) I will check it out. I also logged onto Facebook and found very few of my friends on there. Currently I'm addicted to CafeMom. It's like Facebook/MySpace, but just for moms. I'm addicted. I really need to pay more attention to my kids and less to this darn computer! ;)

Secret Alpha Mom said...

Twitter is easy to use and I really do want to know about your day, so wouldja get on the bus already? I can help you!

Secret Alpha Mom said...

One cool thing you can do is publish links to your funny posts, like this one. So all your friends know the minute you have blogged, and don't have to search their bookmarks, they can just click on through. It even turns the url into a tiny url for you.

Amy said...

I have heard of twitter ... via Dooce ... and frankly I do not have the time to update everyone of the little happenings in my day to day life ... and I can't imagine anyone would be interested either ... LOL

I will be a "twit" with you! :)

Cheryl said...

I admit it. I twittered. Altho I think the proper term is "tweet."

And I'm glad I've suck in one of you...I won't mention any names...for a small fee...;)

Just J said...

Okay, you got me thinking so I decided I had to get over my little tech phobia about Twitter. How hard could it be? Tweet tweet :)

Janine said...

I have a twitter account. I don't post that much on it, but if you are interested....Triple_J is my name. I can hardly ever think of anything interesting to say. I do follow Dooce's tweets and man is she funny!!!

Cheryl said...

Janine - When I tried to add you, it came up as some guy who lives in Georgia. Is that you? ;)

Mine is, shockingly, garboo.

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