Sunday, May 18, 2008

All Poops are Not Created Equal

Poor Sawyer. Even though the kid remembers everything, including what the inside of my uterus looks like, he seems to have forgotten what happens after a child poops in the potty for the Very First Time.

Granted, it was a year and a half ago for him, but still. Where does he think half the airplanes and matchbox cars came from? Rewards! Pee! Poop! Pee! Poop!

I never did charts, so he didn't get a sticker each time he went so he could earn a toy. He just got 'em.

This explains why he was in tears late this afternoon.

Cause he got nothing. But his sister...

We were watching the Yankees-Mets game upstairs when Sage said she wanted to wear her big-girl underwear, presumably because she saw a pair on my floor that was waiting to be put away.

I said okay, but she never put them on, just ran downstairs with her little naked butt on display.

A few minutes later, she was whining because she peed on her band aid (it ran down her leg and onto the band aid she has on her knee). I was a little stern about how we don't pee on the floor.

Sawyer, meanwhile, squeezed out a tiny poop and asked David to wipe his bottom. At some point, Sawyer came out and apparently Sage went in. Because, while I was busy playing Scramble, I heard "Mommy! I peed!"

Now, she's said this before when she's done nothing. But there was a certain urgency to her voice. So, despite still having a minute left on my game with Leslie, I ran into the bathroom.

And looked.

There was a poop. Sawyer ran in and confirmed that it was not HIS poop. David came in, looked, and said it was his. But Sawyer is a boy who Knows Poop.

I wiped her butt. Clearly, it was hers!

Sage, who has been sitting on the potty for the past six months or so but had yet to produce a single drop of pee, pushed out a nice poop. By herself. On the big toilet.

This, of course, sent us into a screaming, wiggling rendition of the Poopy in the Pot-ee! Poopy in the Pot-ee! song.

Sage mostly looked confused. Proud, too. The best part was when she got her Special Gift, a princess camera.

Sawyer immediately burst into tears. Because he wanted his gift, too.

But not all poops get dances and gifts.

The first one? That one gets bells and whistles, too.


Marcy - The Glamorous Life! said...

The clarity of this post and excitment of it was so hysterical. And so familiar. congrats to the pooper!

Simply Lovely Gifts said...

Wahooooooo!!!! Hooray for Sage!! (and maybe Sawyer can stay up a little late & play a game tonight to make up for no toy for him ;-))

Simply Lovely Gifts said...

Oh - and I'm sure even without that minute, you'll stil beat me!!

Jen C said...

Whoa. Now that's huge! Yay Sage!

Speaking of the older sibling thing—I had to promise Ellie a special toy when Jonah finally started going in the potty for being such a good cheerleader and going into the bathroom and sitting with him sometimes.

In any event, we need to throw a little party now that you're crossing the threshold to diaper-free living. Woo!

Dawn said...

Yipppeee! How exciting!

Melissa said...

Hooray for Sage!!!!! :)

Cheryl said...

Yeah, so she peed on the floor 15 minutes later! So her husband might be potty training her yet!

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