Monday, October 01, 2007

Might as well ask me for tips on how not to shop..

I got a hilarious email from my friend T this morning. I should preface this by saying that I missed Saturday's 22-mile slogfest because I was up every 20 minutes blowing my nose the night before, and remained in bed all day Saturday. I am just now cutting back on my one-box-of-kleenex-a-day habit, and did manage (barely) to run 3 miles this morning.

When I logged on this morning I found the email from T - asking ME for tips on avoiding catching a cold from one's child. ME!!! I catch absolutely everything from my kids. Motherhood has made a sieve out of my "immune system."

But I of course want to be helpful, so I tried to come up with some excellent advice to help T and others avoid the same mistakes I've made.

1) Do not let your child climb on you, then proceed to wipe his snotty nose all over every bit of exposed skin, including but not limited to your face, hands, arms and legs.

2) Close your mouth when you child coughs/sneezes directly into your face.

3) Do not finish the rest of the half-eaten banana, apple or spoonful of ice cream that your child has slimed on with his germy mouth and then handed to you.

4) Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. And everything else mentioned in #1.

5) If possible, lock the kids outside until they stop sneezing/hacking. (Hello? Child protective services?)

Anyway, if anyone has anymore tips, please send them along! I know I and my friend T will greatly appreciate it!

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