Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I'm too sexy for my shirt..

Normally, I do not bother much with Sawyer's hair in the mornings. It's pretty short so there's not much to be done too it, and we're usually - okay, always - running late, so I'm happy if he has his shorts on when we make our mad dash out of the house.

This morning was different. This morning, he had to get ready for Picture Day. Last year, David took him to school and then soon called me to say that it was picture day and they were on their way back home. Why? Because Sawyer was wearing a paint-stained tee shirt and his hair was standing on end, and David knew I would kill him if Sawyer was photographed that way.

So I rushed to iron his cute Hanna Andersson light blue polo shirt that I'd bought just for this occasion (an occasion which, apparently, I'd completely forgotten about). David and Sawyer came flying into the house. Sawyer's head was then dunked under the water faucet and David squeezed some gel onto his hair. We were like a freakin' pit crew at the Indy 500. They were back in the car in 4 minutes, 3 seconds.

He did not wear that shirt again because we had no reason for him to wear a collared shirt the rest of the fall, and then the weather got too cool for it anyway.

But this summer, I unfortunately needed him to wear it again. The night before we left to fly out to Philadelphia for my father's funeral, I got the shirt out to wash it. And for some reason, it was covered with stains, like David had used it as a rag while working on the car.

We ended up at the King of Prussia Mall - which, I believe, is second only to the Mall of America in size - the day before the funeral. This mall is ridiculous. We had no clue where we were going, and this place was the size of our town. And much more crowded. We bravely forged ahead and found the Gap, where I got Sawyer a light blue polo shirt for like $4.99. Score!

He wore it for the funeral and, of course, has not worn it again. Until today! And there were NO STAINS! Yippee! Nevermind that he will be photographed two years in a row in the same shirt. I mean, it's not REALLY the same shirt. It's just, you know, the same style. And color. Hey, there's nothing wrong with consistency!

Anyway, after he downed his oatmeal this morning, we went into the bathroom. David was not home, so it was up to me. I wet down his hair and applied some nice wax pommade to spike it up in the front.

I must've done something right.

Sawyer leaned right into the mirror. Got up nice and close. And said..

"I am the best-looking boy in the whole world."

Amen to that.

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