Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Last Laugh

David called me on the way from bringing Sawyer home from preschool today.

"You're going to be very angry," he said.

This is never the right thing to say to me. My first thought was that either Sawyer got his ass kicked or someone came within a foot or two of him with a peanut product. Forunately, neither was the case. But I was still irritated. Remember my son, the "best-looking boy in the world" on picture day?

Well, we'll never truly know, because THEY DIDN'T TAKE HIS PICTURE!

That's right. Imagine the outrage! Apparently, I was supposed to give them the check before they took the pictures. I handed it to one of the directors after I came to get him. She took it and neglected to mention that it was too late! But for $7 I can purchase a class picture. Grrrr..

The timing of this ridiculousness couldn't have been better. Because this afternoon we got our pictures taken by a professional photographer down at the beach. She took tons of shots of Sawyer, who clearly was in touch with his inner Zoolander. The only thing was I'm not sure she got any of me and Sage. Then again, after about 30 minutes, Sage was done and refused to cooperate at all.

Some of the pictures should be up on her blog tomorrow so I will link them - if they turn out okay! Hopefully she can photoshop out the eight chins I always get when I smile..

We ate dinner down at the beach and then, when we got home, Sawyer grabbed his Fisher Price camera and started shooting. He even arranged David and I in different poses.

"I am Sawyer Photographer!" he shouted.

As if he'd want to be behind a camera instead of in front of one!

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