Friday, October 26, 2007

Bye-bye Guy-ah

Guy-ah. One word that meant so much. Really, everything.

At least, that is, to Sage. It was the word which she used for all that she saw, all that she wanted to say.

Bye-bye? The word that most babies say fairly early? Guy-ah.

Fish? Guy-ah.

Any word that we said, "Can you say" and asked her to repeat something, more than likely, she'd say Guy-ah.

The first breakthrough came early in speech therapy, which she started in July. A few weeks in, our little girl said "bye-bye" for the first time.

Soon, she started repeating words we'd ask her with a sound that, amazingly, actually sounded like the word. This was tremendous progress.

The months have gone on. And the words kept coming. She went from saying maybe 15 intelligible words in July to now well over 100.

She says all her colors, although she still doesn't always acurately pick them out. She can count to five. When I start counting to give Sawyer a chance to stop whatever particuarly obnoxious thing he's doing, I just say "One" and Sage adds the two and three.

She says "I love you Mommy." Okay, it's only after we say it, and it sounds like "IwubooMommy" but I'll take it.

Her sentences are still largely unintelligble to anyone except me, and even I struggle sometimes. She is trying, though. She is shy around anyone but family. I guess she's not confident enough to attempt her words out in public yet.

She even has started saying names. Like of our dogs. And even some of our friends.

There was just one hold-out. Her brother was still Guy-ah.

Until last week.

Sage, can you say Ssssssawyer?

She looked at me. Opened her mouth.


And what's your name?


Firsts are still so special.


Jen C said...

Way to go Sage!!! You're working so hard and doing so well.

Julie said...

The quick progress Sage has made is so exciting. Yay Sage!!

Cheryl said...

Thanks, guys! It is so cute to hear Sawyer and Sage talk while each in their respective bedrooms!

Simply Lovely Gifts said...

Hooray Sage!!! I also get the "iwuboo" so that was especially fun to read :-)

Cheryl said...

Hey Leslie! Welcome to my blog! Very excited you stopped by!

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