Monday, October 08, 2007

Back to reality

Sorry about the blogging break. After spending last week with my head down on the arm of the couch while David was away in Oregon, I finally tried to call the doctor on Friday about my assumed sinus infection. But, seeing as it was Friday at 2 p.m., the office was already closed.

I ran my 12 miles Saturday, and I am not lying when I say every step was excruiating. My sinuses had drained into the area under my eyes and the pounding was almost unbearable. The highlight was when an ambulance went by and it felt like someone was jackhammering through my molars. It made me long for the good ole days of really bad hangovers.

My friend M, who was late, came sprinting up the hill to find me, sure that the ambulance was for me. No such luck.

I got myself to urgent care a few hours later. I was expecting a z pack and to be sent on my way. Instead, I got x-rays which showed a massive and severe infection. So bad, I had to get a shot containing two steroids (unfortunately not anabolic) and am now on an antibiotic and degongestant.

With 13 days to go to the marathon..

However painful my sinuses (and of course, my foot) are, I was slapped back into reality shortly after the run. We had "send off" which is where we receive all our race info, our singlet, plane tickets, etc.

A couple was asked to stand up and speak. They were holding a boy, maybe about 10 months old. They were introduced as Elijah's parents, the boy Elijah's brother. Elijah is one of our honored teammates. I saw his picture on the poster board of our other teammates. He reminded me of Sawyer, with his dark hair and eyes and infectious smile. He was wearing a red Angels cap.

The mom starts talking. She wanted to thank all of us for raising the money that goes to finding a cure for Leukemia, lymphoma and other blood-related cancers. She immediately choked up.

"I hope another mother doesn't have to stand up here and talk about her angel in heaven," she said.

I looked at M. Is Elijah dead? I asked. The tears started rolling. Turns out, they were in the marathon training program last year while Elijah was going through treatment.

"So when you're out there, and it's really hard, and you want to give up, think about everyone you're helping."

Elijah died in February. He was 4.

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