Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Not Whining Shoes

We are very lucky to live literally right across the street from the elementary school.

We walk every day. Even if it's a little rainy. We don't melt. That's only when it's 95 degrees out. Rain? Bring it.

I actually enjoy the walk home, when Sawyer tells me all about the latest kindergarten drama. Who got in trouble for talking too much. Who barfed on the table. Which girl(s) he's going to marry. The usual.

If David is not available to help with pickup, and it's a Tuesday or Thursday when Sage is not at preschool, I pack X into the stroller and the three of us walk down the hill and across the street.

The other day Sage, upon realizing that Daddy was in Los Angeles, told me she was going to be "too tired" to walk to get Sawyer. This is, mind you, three hours before we had to leave. This girl is nothing if not prepared.

She actually appeared quite awake to me as we played that morning.  I did not notice droopy eyes. There was no yawning. But I kept waiting for her to doze off into her bowl of goldfish crackers or snore as she sat on the floor playing with her baby brother.

Because she was going to be So. Tired.

Then it was time to get her big brother. And exactly on cue, the complaining started.

She cried as I loaded X into his stroller. She apparently held out hope I would take our double, but since this would entail my pushing three of them back up the hill on the way home - as Sawyer would no doubt insist on hitching a ride - I never even considered it.

We walked down around the corner of our street while she cried. Cried. Cried. I pointed out that we were taking the SINGLE stroller and crying was not going to change it. That worked about as well as you can imagine.

She eventually got distracted and, bless her exhausted little self, soon was racing down the hill, chasing lizards.

You will not believe this, but on the way home? She was chatting away with Sawyer, skipping up the hill and around the corner and up our street.

And just before we got there, right on the sidewalk in front of our house, you know what she said?

"Mommy? These are 'not whining' shoes. And that's why I didn't whine about being tired."

Unfortunately, their magic wore off as the day went on. Still, she loves her new sparkly shoes so much she decided they made everything so much better. And they did, even if it was just for a walk home.

But I'm wondering: what is my equivalent to her not whining shoes? What do I put on that makes me forget about being tired or grumpy? What are YOUR not whining shoes?


Karen Mortensen said...

Love this girls logic. My clothes of choice are pajama pants with one of my husband's T-shirts. That solves a lot of problems.

Pamela said...

I love "not whining shoes"! I need to get me some of those! (My husband would not agree - he thinks I own waayy too many shoes already:) Hmmm, that's a tough question. Well, I don't whine whenever I wear my cute black & pink dress I've had for 10+ years, but still gets me tons of compliments! And? I only paid $10 for it! Gotta love those no-tax outlet stores in Erie, PA! Just don't tell Canada Customs on me, ok?

Anonymous said...

"Not whining shoes" I like that! I think I gotta get my children some of those!!

I have a "feel better" shirt. I "stole" it from a good friend a million years ago and wear it when I need a pick me up.

Still in all... I think I need those shoes for my kids! I love her sense of creation. She's cool. Must get it from her Mom


Cheryl D. said...

I just posted today about how my daughter tried to get out of cleaning after herself because she was "Sooooooooo tired1" LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love her! My "not whining shoes" are a pair of silver hoop earrings. A pair of silver hoop earrings can dress up anything, even black yoga pants and flip flops.

Alexandra said...

Girl after my own heart: my leopard skin flats are my "no whining" shoes...

The right shoe can do that to a girl...

One Photo said...

I just love how your daughter came up with such a wonderful explanation for her change of mood! The minds of little children really do work in such fascinating ways.

I think my feel good item of the moment is my new purse, having a new one after lugging around my battered old one for so long feels just wonderful!

Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...

This is so great! My "not whining" clothes change with my mood lol If I've had to dress up a lot then it's my blue jeans. If I've been grunging a lot, then it's a black dress & heels.

Cheryl said...

Karen - VERY comfy!

Pamela - Ten dollars! I love me a bargain - it makes everything so much better!

MACW - Ah, the feel better shirt. Priceless.

Mombshell - Ooh. Silver hoops! And they ALWAYS fit, no matter how many chips we *may* have eaten that day!

Cheryl - great kid minds think alike.

Empress - there's nothing quite as powerful as the right pair of shoes.

AM - A new purse - with no linty purse food in it - can really cure what ails us!

Kate - It does depend on which mood we're looking for!

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