Monday, June 14, 2010

It moved me

So I'm sitting here, completely engrossed in this blog, when I suddenly feel a big jolt, and the house starts rocking.

(Okay, I admit, as I type this, I'm singing, "If the house starts a rockin' don't bother knockin'")

Let's just say my fight-or-flight system is in top form. Because right now? I'm still a little on edge.

Thing is, I grew up in Connecticut. We don't have earthquakes there. Sure, we have blizzards, hurricanes and even the rare tornado. But THE GROUND DOESN'T MOVE.

When I came out here 11 years ago (omfg is been eleven years already? That's not possible, because that would make me...ah yes, I am that old), I'd never felt an earthquake. And so it went. It seemed whenever one hit out here, I was out of state, traveling for work.

Then, after I became a full-time stay-at-home mom, there'd be an earthquake when I'd just stepped outside to get the mail - and I wouldn't feel it. This actually happened a few times, so the first time I felt one - when Sawyer was probably just over a year - I had to confirm with my friend that it had actually been an earthquake.

I finally felt a good one about a year ago, but since, others shook the earth - like on Easter - and it didn't move me. Just everybody else.

Tonight, thought? Freaked me out. I was so lost in the words of this amazing woman and her life with ALS, that when the earthquake hit, it was REALLY a shock.

Sawyer came bursting out of his room shouting, "An earthquake!"

My big fat lazy old dog? She actually GOT UP! I told you it was big!

Thankfully, Sawyer, who was literally shaking, didn't wake his brother or sister up. And soon after being hugged and reassured, he headed back to bed.

I, meanwhile, had goosebumps. I still have that icky feeling in my gut of too much adrenaline.

We're all fine, otherwise. It was a 5.7. A decent size.

You know what? I'm good now. I'm fine with missing all the earthquakes that everyone talks about.

Hold me?


Merry said...

Glad to hear you came through it okay. I've never been in an earthquake. I can't really wrap my head around what it would be like (and I'm okay with that!)

Cheryl D. said...

I didn't feel this one--I live too far away. My poor daughter is bummed that she's never felt an earthquake, and we've had some good shakers! We had a 5.4 a few years ago while she was at preschool, but it was recess time, and the kids were playing outside at the time. All the smaller quakes we've had, she just hasn't felt. She gets so mad when I say, "whoa, did you feel that? We had an earthquake!" She'll always say no and get upset! LOL.

Anonymous said...

HOLY SH*T!!! That was you?!?!?!!?

Good Lord Man - all ok?!?! That HAD to be freaky!


Julie said...

Well, if the earthquakes become too much for you, the East Coast would love to have you back. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Holy snap, Cheryl! As soon as I heard on the news this morning (Toronto's baseball team was playing in Cali)I thought of you! Glad everyone is okay!

One Photo said...

Many years ago when I was working for BP (yes, I did, but this is over 20 years ago) as an auditor I was sent to Ecuador to audit a JV Oil and Gas pipeline project and one night there was an earthquake that hit 5.8 and was the worst recorded there in over 100 years. People flocked to the streets, afraid to sleep in their apartments. The next morning we had another smaller aftershock quake and everyone ran from the office building we were in and refused to come back. The oil pipeline was damaged, there was no gas at the pumps and two days later there were armored tanks patrolling the streets to control things. Made for an interesting trip! But yes, 5.7 is a big one - I was in bed when the one in Ecuador hit and the bed was moving!

Glad to hear you are all OK.

Jill said...

I'd be a nervous wreck - never knowing if an earth quake was going to happen. I've felt 2 in my life. It's a "What the hell is happening?" kind of feeling. Hoping you don't have any more!

KLZ said...

I love Stevie Ray Vaughn and would never, ever make it through life in California.

Pamela Gold said...

That reminds me of the scene in "Knocked Up" where the dude grabs his bong and makes a break for it outside. Did you have your hand on your bong just in case?

Sorry, I have to be funny, it's in my bones.

Glad you're okay!

Karen Mortensen said...

Glad you are okay. Is that what knocked our bookshelf off the wall? (I think I live to far away for that-I hope) Anyway check out the pictures at

Rachel @ Busy Mommy Media said...

I think I was the only one who didn't feel this one yesterday. I was home too but I think my kids must have been shaking the house too much already because I didn't even know there had been an earthquake until people started posting about it on facebook

Rachel @ Busy Mommy Media said...

I think I was the only one who didn't feel this one yesterday. I was home too but I think my kids must have been shaking the house too much already because I didn't even know there had been an earthquake until people started posting about it on facebook

Salt said...

I just heard about this! I'm glad you're ok. 5.7 is nothing to shake a stick at for sure!

When I lived out west, the only one I encountered in 3 years was like a 5.2 or so. I was fascinated and ready for another one. And then one came. Like 3 days after I moved.

I was disappointed. :)

Cheryl said...

Merry - Yes, you CAN truly have lived a full life w/out ever feeling one!

Cheryl - This one freaked me out a little, I admit it. And I hate that Sawyer was so scared!

MACW - All is fine. We're shaken, not stirred. ;)

Julie - If only I could convince the hubs...

Mombshell - They showed the foul pole shaking at PetCo Park in San Diego - pretty weird stuff!

AM - Ack! BP! Our buildings are a little more safe out here. I hope so, anyway!

Jill - Living out here, we're guaranteed more. Just hopefully not "the big one."

KLZ - It does take some getting used to out here.

Pamela - Well of COURSE I grabbed the bong!

Karen - Maybe it was the earthquake!

Rachel - That's what happened to me at Easter. Never felt it, and it was like a 7.2 or something.

Cheryl said...

Salt - I used to be disappointed. But now I'm over it! ;)

Adelle said...

I will take our 'quakes ANY DAY OF THE WEEK over those wild Southern hurricanes or tornados!

cheri said...

glad to hear everyone's okay.

10 years ago, the philippines experienced a 6.9 magnitude earthquake. it was so big that a hotel laid in ruins after it was all over. i was in school when the earth shook, and it took all i had not to cry. my brother? he slept through it all, seriously.

from SITS :)

Gutsy Living said...

You're talking about the one last night around 9:30 p.m. I was brushing my teeth and barely felt it. My husband did though. I wonder why? I live in OC, CA. They said aftershocks can go on for a decade.

Amber Page Writes said...

I'm thinking earthquakes are worse than tornadoes...but maybe more thrilling? No, prob'ly not when you're in the middle of one.

TKW said...

Oh my gosh! I'm glad you guys are okay! I've been in one earthquake (in California) and it was terrifying!

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