Monday, May 24, 2010

Say it loud say it proud

A year ago, when X was not quite 10 weeks old, I went back to Hell.

Okay, maybe that's a ginormous slight exaggeration. It wasn't unbearably hot and fiery or anything. Otherwise, seriously, it was exactly the same, with horrible devices of torture and an evil, cruel being who made me do unspeakable things.

That's right. I went back to my personal trainer. 

It was awful. I could barely do biceps curls because my muffin top was in the way. Sit ups? Not happening. At least, not without a crane.

In truth, my trainer is more Bob than Jillian. Only funnier. Better-looking, too. But equally as effective. The guy knows his shit.

I worked out with him once a week. I looked forward to my hour. Not just because I was gradually losing weight and getting stronger. It was often the only time I did something completely for myself, with nobody grabbing at me or whining or asking for yet another cookie. Sometimes I showed up a few minutes late, as X took his time nursing. But I always made it.

No matter how cranky or stressed I was, by the time I got my blood pumping, I always felt much better. Even when it hurt. 

And, frankly, I don't want to be the mom who talks about those 15 pounds she still needs to lose after her last baby - which she had five years ago. I'm old, people. Weight does not just fall off like it did in my 20s. Not that it fell off then, unfortunately, but you know what I'm saying. I have to work hard. As an older mom, I really need to stay fit so I can keep up with my kids and, hopefully, be around long enough to see grandchildren.

So. One year later, I'm down more than 30 pounds. And at least three sizes. Maybe four.

I have muscles. 

I can run a 6-minute mile pace. Granted, I can't hold it for much more than 45 seconds, but for me, that's pretty good. Especially considering this time last year, maintaining a 12-minute pace for 45 seconds would've required the defibrillator. 

I see my cheekbones. And my hipbones.

There is still a LOT of room for improvement. I'm not going out for runs on a regular basis. If I manage three times a week it's a miracle. I've run more than three miles just once. My diet isn't great, but now that X is down to nursing just twice - and sometimes only once - a day, I'm eating some dairy and soy and even wheat so I no longer skip meals or rely on Lay's potato chips as a major food group.

Having three kids in five years is not kind on the body. I've got the old lady skin on my stomach. I've got cellulite (yes I do. I said it. I own it. I have it.). Crows feet. Should we even discuss which direction(s) my boobs are heading?

I'm incredibly self-critical, but just for today, I'm going to celebrate my achievements. This is something I never do. I think this is something MOST of us never do.

So today, join me, silence your inner critic, and give yourself credit. You've earned it. You deserve it. And besides, you look fabulous. You do!

I may not be a MILF to anyone but my husband, and I'm not back to the marathon-running shape I was in when I got pregnant, but for a 41-year old mother of three, I look pretty damn good.

Pretty damn good.

This post is part of the Mommyologist's celebration of Mom Sexy.


Andrea (PARENTise) said...

Welcome to the gun show!

The Mommyologist said...

AHHHH!!!! Standing ovation!!! I LOVE THIS!!! My whole basis behind Mom Sexy is to love and appreciate yourself for who you are THIS point in your life...and you captured that perfectly!!! You GO with your MILF self!!

Amber Page Writes said...

Congratulations! I hope you don't mind, but I may just bookmark this post. I'm trying to lose those last 15 pounds, although only a year later (and damn it, I will), but it's encouraging to know someone's done it!

Elena said...

Love this! It is funny that you mentioned MILF. I had no idea what that was until a few years ago when I was first separated and a guy friend of mine called me a MILF.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

You sound smokin' hot - your husband's lucky!

Cheryl said...

Andrea - maybe I should've run a picture of your smokin' quads instead! ;)

Mary - Hee! Thanks! I figure there will always be someone in better shape than me, so I need to appreciate ME for ME!

Amber - Thanks! I'm flattered you're inspired! Believe me - if I can do it anyone can. Really!

Elena - You MILF, you! That's awesome!

Cheryl said...

Megan - I'll be sure to tell him that!

JoAnn said...

You can see your HIP BONES??


I was going to eat an ice cream bar...who am I kidding? I still am.

I'm so proud of you! Great job!! Now that I've stopped nursing, I'm expecting the last five pounds to drop off mysteriously. That could happen right?

Cheryl said...

JoAnn - See, and here I'm thinking I'm going to put on weight when I stop nursing b/c I'm going to go crazy eating all the food I've been missing for 14+ months! That, and I'll miss the calorie burn!

Andrea (PARENTise) said...

You're hysterical...thanks for the smile!

Anonymous said...

Amen sister! You are awesomeness! No wonder you can rock a pair of jeggings so hard!

Carrie said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I slimmed down pretty easily after #1 but number #2 took a toll on my body that just isn't going away. I'm trying to work out more but it's HARD!

Visiting from SITS

Salt said...

Congratulations! That is huge! I tried working out with a trainer one time, but wanted to punch him in the face after about 10 minutes so it really didn't work out between us.

I hope that I will be as motivated as you when it's time to take off the future baby weight.

Pamela said...

You go girl! So true, we so rarely give ourselves enough credit for all the awesome stuff we do.

Aging Mommy said...

A great Mom Sexy post! I've always enjoyed exercising but stopped going to yoga in December and have done nothing since, for a long while because my husband's crazy work schedule did not allow for it, even at weekends but now I am stuck in a rut. I need to do something, so maybe a personal trainer is the way to go. By the way you do look great and the weight loss and toning is a great achievement in a year. See, now you are inspiring others :-)

Natalie said...

I just did a post last week about how I need to get back into shape! Great post and it's totally inspired me!
Swinging by from SITS to say hello, I'm so glad I did!

Aimee @ Ain't Yo Mama's Blog said...

As someone who has actually met you I can vouch that you are, indeed, a MILF! You look fabulous, Cheryl, and all your hard work clearly shows.

You go, girl!

Now, two years later, I think it's time for me start doing something about those last 10 pounds of my 80 pound pregnancy weight gain. Ugh. What's your trainer's number? =)



First of all - NICE ONE. That is some dedication. Second of all - I SO needed this right now! I am taking it a personal pep talk. I. Will. Not. Eat. Dessert. Today.

One day at a time... One day at a time...

Mommyfriend Lori said...

I am so impressed, you look amazing. As far as your guns go, my bat arms are totally jealous. Kuddos to you for putting in the time and energy; totally Mom Sexy and MILF worthy.

Cheryl said...

Okay, I'm totally blushing. You are all too sweet! And so I will NOT eat the ice cream the hubs just brought home!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Awesome awesome post! I LOVE it and think you look fabulous. I am currently 3 pounds in on my road to 30 pounds of weightloss, hopefully! Following you:)

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