Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Blogging Rachel Ray

So I'm everywhere this week. And when I say everywhere, I mean a few places. Whatever. Stop being so literal. I'm currently the Rachel Ray of blogging. I'm over-exposed. I'm saying cute things like "yum-o" and designing cookwear and appearing on every blog you look at.

Perhaps I exaggerate. A little.

Okay, a lot.

The first place I want to tell you about is a very cool eMag I write for called Classic Play. The Food issue is  out and it's amazing, if I do say so myself. I love that there is something in there for everyone. The writers are all so different, yet come together in a perfect way. Check it out. I write about my Year Without Food, but I hope you take a look at the entire issue. You'll thank me.

The second place is on the Orange County Moms Blog, where I blog about being an Older Mom. If you haven't been over to that site before, there are some tremendous writers. Poke around if you have some time.

The third place is, well, here! I've been participating in Momalom's Five for 10 writing challenge. They provide five writing prompts in 10 days, and you can write a post on it and link it over at their page. Anyone can participate. What I love about it is I've actually had to really think, to try to stretch myself and concentrate on every word. Not that I don't ALWAYS put that kind of effort out for you, Internets! Anyway, the prompts are: Courage, Happiness, Memory, Lust (woohoo!) and Yes. I have been blown away by some of the blogs I've visited during this.

So the fourth place is the Momalom site. I've had some new visitors over here because of linking up over there, and if you notice, as of this moment I have 93 followers. NINETY THREE! Not bad, considering a few months ago I had 12. My goal as a blogger is to connect with people, to get conversations started, to hope my words can make someone think, laugh, and sometimes, even cry. So thank you. I appreciate each one of you more than you'll know!


Jen said...

Yay! Another mom of three! Yay! 93 followers! Yay! (Usually my comments are MUCH more, well, substantial. But this week has drained me, and it's only day FOUR.) So glad to have you. Yum-O.

Cheryl said...

Thanks! I know you guys are buried!

kirsten said...

I can't believe I just posted about all the places I'm reposted this week, and then clicked over to find out you'd done the same.

Seriously. I'm not stalking you.

But wow - 93. That's a big number right thar. Congrats.

Privilege of Parenting said...

I like this five-for-ten thing, I like the way so many diverse parents cross path and find both their authentic voices and their readers.

I wonder how blogging has changed your writing voice as opposed to sports journalism where the subject is, well, so much more subjective and often self-reflective.

I really find that I'm liking this free-flowing, unfiltered and unedited world.

Interesting times... Namaste

TKW said...

Look how popular you are! See? That, in itself, means that you are not Rachael Ray. RR is a meanie.

And you do know the punishment for saying Yum-O is 20 years to life, right? :)

All Things Domestic said...

Congrats -- that is impressive! And what is your secret to finding the time? My kids are in school all day so theoretically I could sit at computer but between dog walks, errands, and to do lists I am managing maybe one short blog post every 10 days. Pitiful!

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