Monday, March 31, 2008

VERY important questions!

Why is Calliou bald? And while we're on that topic, does he in fact possess a Big Boy voice? Rooooooosie! Oy!

Where are Max and Ruby's parents?

Why do Charlie and Lola each only have three fingers?

When Cookie Monster "eats" cookies, how come they fly all over and never actually end up in his mouth?

What does Rocket do for fuel? And aren't the Little Einstein's freezing in their little outfits - until they magically appear in snowgear?

Where did Ketzel the Dragon learn to speak Spanish?

Is the Man with the Yellow Hat getting it on with Professor Wiseman? And why isn't she Professor Wisewoman?


OCHalf07 said...

I'm officially not a toddler mom. I couldn't understand a word of your post (but I do know the lyrics to all the top Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers songs...)

Anyways, glad to BE back and SO looking forward to running with the back of the pack gals! I know who my peeps are. :) I got in trouble with an uber-possessive running pal for that Friday gig -- will tell you the whole story on Saturday. Ugh, another endless TNT morning. Don't plan to get there until at LEAST 7:30 at the earliest, but this is the last long morning of the season.

Kristy said...

YES!!!! I have asked myself those same exact questions!!! (And, don't even get me started on Calliou...that little @#$&#(@* is banned from our television these days! I can't stand the immitation of Calliou all day long at our house after we've seen the show.)

Mely said...

aww...when Zoulanche was a toddler she used to watched Calliou all the time!you wont have those days for too long so enjoy them :) home now is more the Hannah Montana Show!

Jen C said...

Charlie and Lola only have 3 digits on each hand?! Scissor accident perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's up with Calliou's missing hair or his constant whining. I've always thought that Calliou was a flippin' brat!

I assume that Max & Ruby's parents were killed off in a way that usually reserved for mothers of leading characters in Disney movies.

I do think that they should go live with their grandmother, though b/c Ruby having to watch Max all the time just ain't right. Let the girl have some fun!

Dawn said...

oops- I'm the anon comment!

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