Sunday, March 23, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

David and I escaped from prison went away overnight - sans kids - for the first time in forever.

That time, while pregnant with Sage, I took David on a surprise trip to Vegas for his 40th birthday. Three years almost to the day, we were on our way to Vegas again.

We were both pretty amped about it. Then Sawyer came down with an awful cold and was up all Friday night. We thought, for about half a second, about staying home.

But this trip was too important. This time, it was for my friend W's wedding. There was no way I was going to miss it.

Even though it was in Vegas. Cause the thing is, I DETEST that place. The cigarette smoke alone is enough to choke a herd of cattle. ANd that's just in one small casino. I'm not into gambling, and my drinking, staying-up-all-night partying life is long gone.

But I heart my friend, and we were excited for her and for us to leave our children have some much-needed alone time.

We drove and stopped at the outlet malls along the way. My first store? Gymboree! I couldn't help myself. I mean, a Gymboree Outlet shop! You girls know what I'm talking about!

I did manage to stop in Banana Republic and found an adorable casual dress. For $35! And yet, I found myself having to completely justify spending money on something not 1) for the kids or 2) not a necessity.

We finally arrived in Vegas with an hour to spare. My friend C loaned me her cool curling iron that makes spiral curls. So I whipped that baby out and did my hair. David LOVED it and W kept complimenting me on it, so I'm going to grab one on eBay.

I had to get there early for pictures. W had asked a bunch of us to wear black, and then gave out Tiffany-blue pashminas. The effect was gorgeous!I'm third from the left in both pictures, which are tough to see but at least you get the idea. Isn't W GORGEOUS?

David took some of just me and W but somehow our camera erased them. Grrrr...

I was incredibly thrilled to meet W's birth mom (who is at the end on the far right), P. It was a bit disconcerting to speak to her, as W looks just like her. They even make the same facial expressions, which is so amazing since W was given up for adoption at birth and they didn't meet again for 24 years. And this weekend, P got to watch her daughter get married. I can't even begin to imagine her emotions.

David and I thought about our kids a lot. Of course. We missed them and talked to them on the phone quite a bit. He and I laughed discussing how Sage does a crazy dance that is a carbon copy of her brother's silly, finger-pointing, booty-shaking moves.

I was thinking how lucky we are that we have two children who are so full of personality and are so much fun to be around.

Then we arrived home.

And the whining was in full force. As was the not listening to Mommy, bickering with your sibling, and generally being little jerks. Did I also mention Sage's faucet of a nose?

Talk about a buzz-kill.

We couldn't WAIT to get them to bed. Which is sad, because we missed them so much. Apparently we just missed the cute stuff. What's also sad is that my tension level was immediately ratcheted up, and David and I fell into our sniper mode with each other - something that was absent in Vegas.

David has also caught whatever virus the kids have.

Not the best welcome home.

It could be worse, though.

It could be Vegas.


Dawn said...

Great pictures! You look gorgeous and I love the color scheme!

No need to feel guilt over that BR purchase, having to come home to sick kids and drama.

I do KWYM about the Gymbo outlet, except I have sworn off of them b/c of my issues with their sales. :( I think that I may have to compromise my principles b/c I'm having serious withdrawals.

Simply Lovely Gifts said...

Ooh!! How fun! So glad you had a great time even tho' the coming home was a little yuck. Back to reality, right? (as wonderful as reality is :-))

Just J said...

I heart you for three reasons:

1. you are a totally hot "mom"
2. your humor and wit
3. your authenticity

So glad you are back at the blog :)

Cheryl said...

Dawn - Thanks! And I KNOW about Gymbo, but I was sucked back in...

Leslie - It was fun. But coming home wasnot. Get it? wa(snot). Hee!

JJ - You are SOOO nice. I think you're just saying that cause you feel bad about beating my butt in scrabulous.. ;)

OCHalf07 said...

Love the black dresses with the pashminas and LOVE your hair -- you must wear it like that more often!! I got all the tickets for RNR. Will miss you girls on Sat -- I'm running tomorrow with Janina, who is basically in training to qualify for Boston. I'm already terrified.

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