Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First Crush

My good friend JenC started a great post on MommiesWithStyle about first crushes.

Do you remember yours?

Mine was in preschool. His name was David Snyder (it was a Jewish preschool, of course) and all I remember is he had brown hair. I'm not sure why he was so dreamy, but there it is.

Then in first grade, there was a boy - I kid you not - whose name was Shaun Cassidy! He really liked another girl better, I think, but he kissed me on the nose when we were on some kind of rocking chair thing and, you know, it rocked my world. I guess. I mean, it must have, right? I don't really remember much else.

Sawyer already had his first girlfriend, but her mom went a little cuckoo on me and now they don't see each other anymore. Just today he asked when he was going to have a playdate with her. I feel bad, but I need to spare him from future MIL drama!

Sage hangs with the twins up the street, who are a year older than her. But I wouldn't call it love. Yet. We're hopeful. They're going to be very athletic, they're cute, have great parents, and they also have a little brother in case she's looking to rob the cradle.

I took this picture at the beach the other day. These two aren't crushing on each other, but hey - Sawyer could do a lot worse! This is the same girl who was reading books with him on his Race Car Bed back in the day.

Of course, while boyfriends and girlfriends may come and go, their hearts will break, but Sawyer and Sage will always have their true best friends: each other.


Melissa said...

Ahhhh... my first crush was named Eddie Lavelle (taking a moment to rehash fond memories of kindergarten)... Very cute pics. I have to say my favorite is the one of Sage and Sawyer together. Very sweet!

Mely said...

Cheryl, I must say that I LOVE the picture of Sawyer and Sage huging each other. On the crush department I didn't have a crush until I was in high school and it was with a boy that played basketball in the school team. His name is Abnel and he was my date on our Prom...after high school I don't know what happen to him. I remember that he has the MOST beautiful abs ever!!!

Dorothy said...


Dawn said...

Great pics!

I wish we lived in SoCA!

My first crush was a red-haired boy. I used to have a serious thing for red hair!

Amy said...

I am so, so jelous of the beach ... we are still wishing away the remaining snow in our yard ... we do have grass visible though, so we are hopeful. Love the picture of the kids together!! I think my first crush turned out to be gay ... but so have two others in my life ... LOL I must like the sensitive type!!

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