Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Is she... DANCING??!?!?!

Sawyer knew from a very early age the dangers of stepping into the street. The first time he tried it, I screamed and acted incredibly terrified so he'd associate it with something that was dangerous and not something fun to do to get a rise out of Mommy.

I never worried about him going off the sidewalk after that. I could leave him sitting on a curb at the park while loading Sage into the car and knew he wouldn't budge.

Just recently he's been fighting me a bit about holding my hand in the parking lot, because he's a Big Boy. He knows his choices are 1) hold my hand 2) be carried 3) sit on the curb and not go anywhere.

Generally he's good and I really don't worry.

His sister, on the other hand (notice she is his sister and not my daughter when the occasion merits), is an entirely different matter. She either tries to dash into the street or, if holding my hand, decideds to go all jelly-legged so I'm practically dragging her.

It makes me crazy.

It makes her smile.

Today I took the kids to the park. It went great. Sage had a fabulous time climbing everything and going down the highest slide. Sawyer did not whine to go on the baby swings and instead got on a big kid swing and practiced pumping his legs.

No one argued when it was time to leave. We got to the end of the sidewalk, and Sawyer took one hand and Sage the other to cross the parking lot. That's when Sage decided to do her little spaghetti routine.

So I made her go back and sit on the sidewalk while I got Sawyer into the car. As soon as we got to the car, she stood up and hopped into the parking lot. I yelled at her to get back, and she did, but she just stood there.

I ran back over and sat her firmly on her butt. And as soon as I got back over to the car...there she was, back on the blacktop. I chased her back again.

She sat down. I walked over like I meant business.

And you know what she did?

She stood up. Stuck out her booty. And started shaking it, complete with Wild and Crazy Guy finger pointing. Grinning from ear to ear.

I kept a straight face. Somehow. How could I not admire her moxie? Meanwhile, my thought bubble was shouting "ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME? YOU'RE DANCING IN MY FACE!"

This time, she came along with me nicely. I put her in her seat.

She'd already put me in my place.


Dawn said...

Sage and Addy were separated at birth. Addy also has a penchant for bootie shaking, pointing the fingers when dancing, and doing it all in the face of authority (mine). Help!

Cheryl said...

HA! Glad to hear I'm not alone! I mean, I'm not glad you also have a booty-shaking, finger-pointing smug little stinker like me, but as long as you do, at least we can commiserate together! I'm sure Leslie can also relate to this!

Simply Lovely Gifts said...

That is hilarious! Although I must admit, Sage eclipsed Julia on this one. Julia totally does the jelly-legged thing - that's a perfect way to describe it and I will borrow it if you don't mind ;-) - but she's not a dancer. She just spins in circles over & over to where just watching makes me dizzy.

Where do these children come up with these things????

Melissa said...

Oh, don't even get me started on refusing to hold my hand while crossing the street. I have two little rebels when it comes to streets and parking lots. I do have to admit, though, that I like Sage's attitude. She's going to go far in life. She's not going to take anything from anybody. :)

In the book Knuffle Bunny, they describe Sage's "jelly legs" as "going boneless." I also think that is a fab description of this problem every mom is forced to deal with.

Jen C said...

I think she's ready for Carrie vs. Bruno Dance Wars.

Janine said...

That is hilarious!

Just J said...

Sage has so much *personality* (they both do), I love hearing your stories about the kids! And Jen C - I about spit my yogurt at your comment on this!

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