Thursday, September 13, 2007

Where only Sawyer knows your na-a-ame..

Sawyer went to preschool this summer on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a couple hours in the morning for six weeks. We became concerned because when we'd ask him who he'd played with that day, he'd either say he played by himself or that he tried to play with so-and-so, but they said he wasn't their friend anymore.

This is so not like Sawyer. He is very social and makes friends easily, and always talked about the kids in his class at his old preschool.

I brought it up with his teacher, Mrs. K. When I was speaking to her, Sawyer interrupted to tell her that he'd forgotten to bring his dinosaur to class. She pretty much blew him off, just giving him the old "uh huh" and then went back to speaking with me (I mean, it's one thing if I do that to him when I am with him all day and need him to stop talking for ONE BLESSED MINUTE. But she only has him for three hours!). Needless to say, I was not impressed.

Then, the next class, when he DID bring his dinosaur, she told me that he shouldn't bring stuff to school. Wha?? They were learning about dinosaurs, he was so excited about it that he wanted to bring his toy to school - which he kept in his cubby - and she was discouraging it.


I sent David to talk to the directors about moving him to a different class. He just said that we were concerned with the chemistry of the particular kids in the class, that maybe it wasn't a good fit. They said they would see what they could do.

I stopped in the office later that morning before picking Sawyer up - and it turned out Mrs. K had quit only moments after David had left the office. YIPPEE!!

Now he's back at preschool, going three days a week. And I love love love his new teacher. She's (relatively) young, and when I told her about his peanut allergy, she (unlike Mrs. K) didn't look at me like I had just sprouted a third eye, or ask questions like "but it's okay if the other kids have peanuts, right?" Uh...NO!

Wednesday, when Sawyer wanted to tell her something, she stopped what she was doing and squatted right down to his level to listen to him. Nirvana!

Sawyer seems to really like her and has already come home talking about the friends he's played with. And she told me that she always knows when Sawyer is talking to her - he's the only child who calls her by her name!


Here's some assorted Sawyer-isms from today...

Because of my injured foot, I decided to do another spin class this morning instead of running. Sawyer was waiting when I got home.

"Did you have a good run, Mommy?"
"Well, I didn't run today. I went to the gym."
"What did you say?"
"I said I went to the gym."
"Oh. What did you do there, brush your teeth?"

Later this morning, he had his swimming lesson with A, who has a heavily tatooed left arm.
"A, why do you have stamps on your arm?"

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