Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Can you hear me now?

I took Sawyer to the Angels game last night (thanks to some free tickets). It was the first game he's gone to that he remembers. When we first arrived, I told him that when an Angels player hits a home run, they shoot off fireworks. WRONG thing to say. He wanted me to assure him that NO Angels player would hit a home run. Fireworks are apparently on the list of Things That Are Scary.

We get to our seats, and of course Sawyer has to ask if everything the vendors are selling are peanuts (I'd explained to him before we went that he'd have to be extremely careful and not to touch anything, so I had him pretty worked up, which is okay, since if he has a peanut he could die). The only positive about it is he didn't ask to buy any food, except for cotton candy. Denied!

Then he saw his favorite player, Vladimir Guerrero, standing in right field.

"HI VLADE!!!!" Sawyer screeched at the top of his lungs. "Mommy, do you think he heard me?"
"Yes, Sawyer, I'm sure he heard you."

"HI GARRET!!! Mommy, do you think he heard me?"
"Yes, Sawyer, I think everyone heard you."

The people sitting in front of us were totally cracking up.

"HI GARY!!! Mommy, do you think he heard me? Then why isn't he saying hi to me?"

We made it all the way through the fifth inning - in time to see Garret Anderson hit a home-run. And guess what? Sawyer didn't even mind the fireworks.

After a quick visit to the team store to purchase a red wood bat (after I talked him out of the pink one), a small red baseball and a new Angels cap, we headed back to our car (which, incidentally, someone got in and stole our GPS machine).

On the drive home, Sawyer talked about what a great time he had.

"So who are your favorite players?"
"Vlade and Garret. Because they're my friends."


Janine from Sheknows said...

I absolutely love your blog!! You are so talented at writing and your stories are so funny. I look forward to reading your blog and catching up on what cute thing you or your kid has said or done....

Melissa said...

Okay, that is way too cute! Taking your kids to a baseball game has got to be one of life's great pleasures. I'm glad you guys had such a good time. (And sorry to hear about your GPS.)

Cheryl said...

Janine - Thanks! You're very kind!!
Melissa - It was really fun and thankfully it's finally cooled down. And yep, losing the GPS is a big deal.

Jen C said...

Vlade and Garrett are his boys ;)

Ellie has the same reaction to Lance Armstrong. He's like her best bud even though they've never met.

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