Friday, September 14, 2007

Germ magnet

Why is it that Sawyer goes to preschool for FIVE MINUTES and gets his first cold in months? Do germs that go to preschool have superpowers? Did they know that I had just been SILENTLY congratulating myself (silenty because of the fear of jinxing us by actually speaking it aloud) for my kids being healthy for basically the entire summer.

And it's only a matter of time (hours?) before Sage gets it too. Last time she caught his cold she had a runny nose for two freaking months. Poor Sawyer has been sneezing all over her for the past 20 minutes.

WOOHOO! The triumphant return of snotapalooza!


Melissa said...

Yes... I can relate to this post... Greg and Ashley were both sick on our Tahoe trip this week. Can I say hooray for preschool! ;) I will keep my fingers crossed that Sage stays "germ and cold free"!

Cheryl said...

Sage of course got it. But (knock wood) neither child seems to be that ill. There was no fever. Sawyer was back at school and swimming lessons. I swear I need to send him to class in a hazmat suit..

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