Monday, March 29, 2010

Giveaway, peanuts and Laura Bennett

She HAD to know, being a AAAA cup herself: Do all the women out here in The OC really have boobs as big as the ones on The Real Housewives?

And that was my first email from Laura Bennett.

Who is Laura Bennett, you ask? If you don't watch Project Runway (that was tough to type, people. I mean, how can you NOT watch PR? I will need your reason, in writing, so that I may point out the huge gaping maw in your life), then you might not have heard of her. But if you are a watcher, think back to Season 3.

Tall red head? Pregnant? Outspoken architect who was a better designer than most of them? Finished second? You'd kill to have her design an evening dress for you?

Yes, THAT Laura Bennett.

She has a new book coming out called, "Didn't I Feed You Yesterday? A Mother's Guide to Sanity in Stilettos." It's mostly about her family - she has six kids. SIX! - and her irreverent take on parenthood, with a few style pointers and a little dish about PR thrown in (keep reading this post to find out how you can win an autographed copy!). It's less a guide and more of a momoir and how she's managed to stay so fab amid the chaos.

I couldn't wait to read it. (I mean, I loved her first email to me!) She was my favorite contestant that season and the book was what you'd expect: funny, sarcastic and clearly, she's not entirely serious about a lot of stuff, so don't get your knickers all in a twist. I don't think she is, anyway. Because I'm sure she (or someone) does feed her kids more than once a week, and she seems sane, even if she lets her tortoise have free range of their two-bedroom Manhattan loft.

I'm reading, smiling, reading and then WHOMP.

My knickers were BEYOND twisted.

She went there.

Peanut allergy.

If you've read this blog for awhile, you know that's a topic I feel passionately about, as Sawyer has a severe allergy to peanuts and tree nuts (you can read about it here and here).

Laura talks about Munchausen's by Peanut, where "faker" moms invent an allergy in their children to get attention. She writes about how the allergy wasn't around when we were kids (true, I mean, I never heard of anyone having it when I was growing up), and that technically there are more people with shrimp allergy. She also writes "Ironically, science shows that exposure to peanuts in school-age children actually reduces the risk of allergies. Avoiding nuts out of fear becomes a self-fulfilling snack-time prophecy."

I can tell you that science does NOT conclusively show this, other than one study that, while interesting and optimistic, is not exactly scientific.

So I crafted an email. I couldn't in good conscience blog about her book - or give one or two away - without calling her on it. Frankly, I was pissed. She has a child with learning disability. She should know better than to question the validity of another - in this case, potentially life-threatening - disability!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. I mean, she's not one to mince words. She's the mom you'd be totally intimidated by if her child was at your school. You know, the one who's always put together, in awesome Manolo Blahniks and carrying a fab Birkin bag. Who NEVER has spit-up on her shoulder or chocolate fingerprints on her impeccably tailored trousers.

Then again, you might never see her: she has nannies and even a manny who help shuttle five of her kids around New York City. You'd pee your pants if she asked you out for a drink (you'd of course go, after nine wardrobe changes, and you'd find out she's actually a lot of fun).

I pulled on my Big Girl britches and pressed "send."

And you know what? She was lovely. And classy. We might not completely agree on stuff, but I appreciated her taking time to respond.

Here's my email:

I wanted to love this book - I really did! And for the most part, it was just as I thought it would be.

But then, well, the peanut allergy thing. Now I know you love to be controversial and I'm sure the way you've written it is meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek and clever and all that. At least I hope so, anyway.

Thing is, it's painful for those mothers, like myself, who live in fear that every time they send their child to school, they may not see them again. Every time. Can you imagine that life?

We live it every day. My kid is 6 and he's been hospitalized twice after accidentally eating something with peanuts. He will have to deal with this allergy the rest of his life.

 And tho I guess technically more people are allergic to shrimp, most elementary school kids aren't bringing shrimp salad sandwiches for lunch. You don't see toddlers downing a shrimp cocktail up on the playground equipment at the park and then smearing their grubby hands everywhere. And most stuff isn't made on shared equipment with shrimp. 

Actually, the most deaths from food allergy occur between ages 15-35, so the danger only gets worse.

We all know a "crazy allergy mom" who's invented something for their child. But that shouldn't diminish the reality of a child - like mine - who really has a life-threatening allergy to something that doesn't need to be in our schools (I would LOVE a peanut-free school, but unfortunately, too many parents complain about  the Right to Eat Jiff for our district to act on it). 

You have a child with a disability (FYI, peanut allergy is covered by the Federal Disability Act). How would you feel if people - other moms, in particular - laughed and said it wasn't a big deal? That therapy was just the mother looking for attention? Now add to it that he could die without certain precautions, and you have some idea of what it's like. 

Anyway. I'd love to talk about your book on my blog. I found it smart and sarcastic and fun. But it'd be disingenuous of me not to mention the part about the peanuts - or to promote a book that propagated such hurtful misinformation. There's already enough of it out there, believe me. 

And Laura? She encouraged me to speak my truth. And here was her response:

I do know that life threatening food allergies exist in children. I once saw a classmate of my son’s sit on a paper bag that had been used for a peanut butter sandwich. His eyes were swollen shut within a matter of minutes and he began to have alarmingly labored breathing. We were in the playground after school and his mother was able to get him to the hospital immediately. Ironically, his father is one of New York’s top Thai chefs, a cuisine more laden with peanuts than any other in the world. I also know of a wonderful, funny little boy who has a terrible wheat allergy. At social gatherings he likes to embarrass his mom by saying, “Hey Mom, remember the time you tried to kill me on my birthday?” She mistook regular flour for a wheat-free product she usually bakes with. So I have seen food allergies first hand.

That said, I have also seen faker moms first hand. In my book I call it Munchausen’s by Peanut. Moms who stand up at class meetings and ask that no one in the class bring peanut butter sandwiches, but when asked for more details, because we are concerned and want to help, find out that granola bars are OK. Well is there an allergy or not?

I have a child with a learning disability. He goes to a school that specializes in his particular flavor, among several others. The school is publicly funded, so while there are children there who come from wealthy families, most are from families of more moderate means. One little boy had Leukemia at an early age and the extensive chemotherapy has left him with developmental disabilities.  Another child was the unlucky twin in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. There are children with brain function speech delays, and braces on their little tortured limbs. In this school, where the parents have real medical and financial concerns, miraculously, there is not a single peanut allergy. In my other children’s fancy private school armies of moms run screaming in the halls posting Peanut Free Zone posters. 

I think the worst crime committed by the faker moms is not frightening their children about ghost allergies, but the fact that they de-sensitize the mom population. Hearing about peanut allergies has become a kind of white noise, and when a child comes along with a legitimate allergy, one that is truly life threatening, where the parents have had to take great measures and make real sacrifices to ensure the safety of their child, everyone questions whether this one is for real.

And I hope I never again have to see proof that an allergy exists. 

I'm really sad - and scared - that some mothers see peanut allergy as "white noise" because some other mothers have no idea what they're talking about (there actually are "safe" granola bars, but in general, they're not okay).

Thing is, peanut allergy IS real. I flip into Mama Bear mode when I feel my child is being threatened. That is, when unsafe foods are being served in his kindergarten class. When another mother suggests he can "eat a cracker" when all the other kids are getting cookies. When I see the eye rolls when I bring up my concerns over the menu for the school party.

I will get in your face if I have to. You can call me Crazy Peanut Mom if you want. And then I'll show you the pictures of Sawyer, when he was just 2, in the hospital with IVs in his arm, bravely smiling at the camera.

What really bugs me? When mothers dismiss other mothers as being hysterical. Because ultimately, we're all trying to protect our kids.

Mostly, it's a matter of education. And looking out for each other.

I know Laura and I agree on that.

Now, there was a part of her book that really spoke to me (aside from where she gives wardrobe tips, because Lord knows I desperately need to get out of Frumpy Mom Mode). In the beginning, she talks about being on a plane and, while trying to contain the mess that comes with traveling with a passel of kids, she hears the flight attendant talking about how you need to put your own oxygen mask on first - before helping your child.

That struck a nerve.

She writes in her book:

"I always take care of myself, and I parent my children my way, not the way others expect me to. I get my oxygen first. When I stop and think about it, I often find that my worst days are in direct proportion to how far I let myself drift away from that yellow plastic mask."

It's a great reminder, because what mom doesn't sometimes lose herself in the daily (sometimes minute-to-minute) struggle of taking care of her kids?

The book is a glimpse into a very different life than mine, but in the end, we're all the same, trying to do what's best for our family. Even if some of us (me) are doing it in ancient running shoes instead of skyscraping stilettos.

How cute are her kids, by the way? Seriously! But five boys? Gah!

Anyway. This brings me to my very first giveaway! Two lucky winners will get a copy of "Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?" personally inscribed by Laura! Because despite the peanut part (which I know you will cover with a black Sharpie) it was a good time.

What do you have to do? I'll make it easy. You don't have to follow, tweet it, Facebook it or make out with it. But I'd sure love it if you would. Except for maybe the making out part.

You DO have to leave a comment, with either your favorite style tip or your best "how to look like I've got it all together even when I, you know, don't but you'd never know it" advice.

That's it! I'll randomly select two winners Sunday, April 4th.

This is my first contest, so don't let me down! Enter!


Queenie T said...

I'm no fashionista by any stretch, and comfort is definitely way more important (which is good since they don't really want us fatties gettin' all uppity anyway). A couple of things I find make me feel pretty (oh, so pretty) is my fave lipstick as well as one of my favorite, sexy bras. Two sorta random things, but they really do perk me up. (Pun TOTALLY intended.)

Sarah said...

Great post Cheryl! The book sounds fun. My best how to look like I have it all together tip? Remain calm... I hear this from people every day; "For all that you do, you're so calm". I guess that makes me look a little more put together.

Janine Benedict said...

I'll post a comment! Unfortunately I have NO style tips as I am a complete mess myself. What a timely post for me. I cannot wait to get back to my old self. I have almost been pregnant and disgusting for 2 years straight. UGH!!! The one thing I do try to do is put mascara on when I go out and meet with other humans - I think it makes me look less tired but don't let that fool you, I am still wearing my stained mommy shirt!

I am glad she addressed the peanut allergy concern. I have never heard of a mom faking it so I cannot relate to what she is saying but I am glad she addressed your concerns.

Andrea (PARENTise) said...

Ok - first - I love her! Her work was amazing!

Second - so glad that you read the book and took the time to discuss it with her!

Finally, Feeling put together isn't a feeling I have a lot, but I would have to say that my tip is to get some exercise Before youvgetvdresses (going for a rum always makes me feel better - after) and then throw on your favorite pair of pants with a pair of stilettos. Heels always make me feel pulled together and if I'm wearing my favorite pants nothing can go wrong!

galena said...

Good morning Crazy Peanut Mom!

Thank you for this post. Thankfully, my children don't have any allergies that could have them die on a playground, but your post was really insightfull.

I really appreciate that you didn't just bash Laura's opinion but offered an insightful look into the "other side".

As for the tip, I try to invest in smart accesories, interesting brooches and "looking more expensive than they really are" scarves. I found that even if I'm wearing sneackers, jeans and basic tank top adding a scarf or an interesting brooch lifts it up a notch.

Thanks again

Jen C said...

Cheryl, this is brilliant! Congrats on making your first contest so smart, thoughtful and hilarious.

I have to say I too loved Laura on PR. It's the only reality show that's ever held my attention.

Okay so as far as my style tip I don't have one. As a matter of fact I met up with a friend the other day for breakfast. She told me that she ran into someone while en route to breakfast. When she told this person she was meeting up with me, this person said, "oh yeah, does she have short dark hair and is very stylish?" It shocked me. Clearly she has the wrong person.

I mean, as you've witness, my hair sometimes channels 80s brat packer hair. Seriously, now.

Perhaps this is why I need Laura's book?

Simply Lovely Gifts said...

No style tips but as far as making it look like I have it together - I do my hair & make-up every morning. Just makes me feel somewhat sane/put together, plus I don't scare the kids ;-)

Sandy said...

Just found you. Very interesting stuff! With a sense of humor.
My tip. Don't let a day go by that you don't do SOMETHING for you!! Even if it's putting on lipstick!

Michelle said...

I am a frumpy, old spit-up stained shirt, no make-up, flip flop wearing mom - who has one kid with a peanut allergy, and another with a speech delay. I was a little put off by the peanut nonsense. Oh well. I totally need to get her book - if for nothing else, I need to see how she does it.

I love Laura, and am an PR nut. I enjoyed her season the most - anyone who could do all that pregnant won my respect. I could barely get out of the bed when I was pregnant. Wasn't it her season when they had to design a look from a peanut sack?

Anyway, I love your blog. I don't blog (I have one, but man, is it out of date), or I would blog about your blog post. I don't tweet either, but I do FB. Thanks for offering a giveaway!

**fingers crossed**

Anonymous said...

I can not claim to be the most stylish person most days. Frankly some days I am lucky to take a shower. On "good" days I try to at least put on tinted moisturizer and mascara, because I have blond eyelashes that disappear.
On "really good" days there is nothing better than dark jeans, boots, and a flat iron to make you feel a little less like a mommy mess.

julie said...

Mascara and lipstick. and real jeans that give you a great butt.

and I love how you responded to Laura Bennett AND that she responded so thoughtfully back. What a real person.

Cheryl said...

Tonya - after a year-plus of nursing, I totally need "perking" up!!

Sarah - The book IS fun! Love your mantra. I may have to use it today, especially after spending this morning as a short-order cook for the kiddos! lol

Janine - Please. I've seen your pictures. You always look FAB!

Andrea - Ah, heels! Haven't seen those in ages!

Galena- Accessories! That's where I totally have no clue. I always admire those women who are good at it!

Jen - Please! Aside from that ONE DAY with Andrew McCarthy hair, you always look fab!

Leslie - You do your hair and makeup every morning? Really? I feel great if I get both contacts in!

Sandy - Glad you found me! And you're right - even doing something small is important!

Cheryl said...

Michelle - Are we twins? My daughter had speech delay! And I also couldn't believe Laura got through that season PG - if I wasn't eating, I was sleeping during the first trimester! Thanks for stopping by!

456Eleven - Oh yes. The flat iron. When I straighten this mop of hair I feel, well, almost human!

Julie - My guess is you're ALWAYS put together!

MiniMe Mom said...

Looks like an interesting read, and I loved her on PR.

My hubby is a teacher, and has seen firsthand about peanut allergies. One student touched a desk after eating a peanut butter sandwich, and then the boy with the peanut allergy touched it much later, and had to be rushed to the ER because he wasn't breathing. Scary stuff.

I have also seen the other side- a parent that freaked out because of peanut allergies, and then later in the year gave their kid a Peanut Butter cup. Huh?

Style tip--man, that is tough. I would say the best tip I have is a little bit of bronzer. I am so pale naturally that I look half dead without it! :-)

terry said...

my style tip is easy- no matter what you are wearing, underdressed, overdressed, anything- confidence is the best thing you can add. confidence and self esteem can help carry off any outfit, no matter how dirty the jeans.

on laura- i had three of her boys in my pre k class (not at the same time obviously) and have to say she is not at all intimidating in person- she is sweet and cordial, and a funny good hearted person. of course next to her i always felt like i was dressed in garbage bags...

re. the peanut thing- as a teacher i always take it very seriously and constantly question the parent about food choices, even call them a work during snack. that being said, i had a peanut mom in my class who let her child eat things packaged on the same equipment, granola bars etc, said it was no big deal as she handed me the epi pen; at the end of the year i come to discover that "we aren't sure she's allergic, we need to do the testing.." needless to say my undies bunched. all my time, effort and concern and, really?! even those mom's are few and far between, but unfortunately, they are out there, and should be tagged like wildlife so we know who they are.

caroline said...

Cheryl - loved reading your review! I didn't discover PR until after her season, but it seems like an interesting/entertaining read. As far as fashion tips go... HA! But I will say sunglasses are my MUST, and a snazzy scarf can always hide the fact that I **may** be still in my PJ's in the school drop-off line!

Cheryl said...

Jamie - I am also on the "death warmed over" skin color palette. And that's so odd about the peanut butter cup!

Terry - You are so right! Momfidence! I believe you that Laura is lovely - how fun that you had three of her boys! And I'm 100 percent behind you on the wildlife tagging of these moms. How does she even GET an epi-pen? That seriously steams me.

Cheryl said...

Hey Caroline! The important thing is you're watching pr NOW! Yes - sunglasses are a must, especially out here. I believe my lack of a good pair has led me to those annoying lines above my nose. I wish I could channel my inner Orange County Housewife and go get Botox!

kirsten said...

So what's wrong with Andrew McCarthy hair??

And here is why I don't watch Project Runway: I DON'T HAVE CABLE. or the time, but that's a whole 'nother....

There is tremendous photographic documentation on my lack of style, and as such I don't pretend to offer advice. Except this: buy Frye boots. Forever and always Amen.

great giveaway!

Kat @ said...

I so agree. Love PR, but really, no one without professional medical experience should be casting off a serious topic like a peanut allergy like that, especially in a book that could reach a lot of people. WRONG message to send, Laura. Yikes!


Mandy P said...

Holy cow, where to start? First off, I totally feel for you with your son's peanut allergy. How rude for another mom to suggest Sawyer can "eat a cracker" while everyone else enjoys cookies. That got my dander up when I read that. My oldest starts kindergarten in a few months...and I am kicking and screaming all the way. I'm just not ready. 5 years is NOT enough time for me to have him exclusively. When you think about it, after this--he's NEVER going to be mine all mine ever again. I'm tearing up as I write this (and I don't care how many eye rolls are taking place by others reading this!)

How do I hold it together? Well, not very well by my above comments! But, when I feel like my head could seriously pop off my shoulders, I try to smile, take a deep breath, and tell myself that this will be a blur. They will grow up so quickly and I'll be left wanting this time back. As hard as that might be to believe sometimes, it usually does the trick--enough to calm me down anyway!

mrs.notouching said...

Well, I love me some big hat to hide that fact that I don't don't always get a chance to shower and a big purse that makes my postpartum ass look just a leeetle less gigantic.

Kris said...

To all the girls who already posted, - Thank you for the laughs and tips.

I thank my sister for getting me hooked on PR. It's getting good now they're down to less than 10 designers.

My tip? When I'm having a bad hair day (i.e. I don't have time to wash it,) I put on a hat. Not a baseball or running hat, but a stylish newsboy.

Holly said...

Pick me!

I think good grooming is key. As in, regular good haircuts and color (if applicable). Also take care of your skin and have a good natural-looking daily makeup "look." I invested in a lesson with a professional makeup artist (not associated with a particular brand) last year, and it helped a lot. Now if I could just make it to the salon to touch up my nasty roots and to the makeup store to replenish that good makeup! :)

Cheryl said...

Kirsten - I don't even know what to say about the lack of cable thing. Your tv is back on, tho, right?

Kat - I agree. Sigh.

Mandy - Ah, the "this too shall pass" posture. I love it! As for kindergarten, just wait. You'll love that HE loves it!

Kris - You ALWAYS look fab.

Holly - It is true about makeup. But then I run out and I can't get to the mall, so I end up scraping together a few assorted colors. Not. Pretty!

Anonymous said...

I have a Sawyer too! Peanut allergies are serious business, I am a kindergarten teacher and they scare the shit out of me. The more education the better!

Stesha said...

My favorite style tip. Always keep a great pair of ballet flats on hand. They make any outfit look stylish. Is this a style tip or a fashion tip?

Hugs and Mocha,

Lucy said...

I'm all about an accessory to doll up my jeans and sweaters.

Cheryl said...

Mombshell - You have a Sawyer too? How exciting! Peanut allergy IS scary, for reals!

Stesha - Ballet flats! Love it! That's a shoe i can totally see myself in. Great tip!

Maki said...

What a great post!!! I know one girl in my daughter's kindergarten has a severe peanut allergy that the students of all classes have to wipe their hands after they eat so there's no cross contamination... I know it exists.. But I also understand what Laura was trying to say... Either way, you're awesome to fight for your child!!

When I'm at the beach I feel the prettiest - I grew up in Hawaii and being under the sun makes me happiest and prettiest!

The Mayor! said...

Seriously, you crack me up LOL! And I'm with you, if it was MY kid, I'd be fighting tooth & nail to protect them also....I think by now we should all be used to this anyways?? Don't know about you guys, but up here in Ontario, Canada, there is not a single school board or recreational program that allows nuts of any kind, for years's not white noise, it's just habit after all these years! My kids have NEVER taken a PB sandwich or granola bar out of this house, & any bar type snacks are specifically labelled as to being nut free/made in a nut free facility....if we want to pack them, we just know it must have that label. My son has a boy in his class, & my daughter has a friend at cheer with severe nut allergies...all I ever think is, what if it were MY kid?? But seriously, here, it's just the way it's been for so long now, it never even comes nuts outside of your house. Except me...& my rug rats....we're nutty enough!

Cheryl said...

Lucy - I am seriously accessory challenged!!

Maki - Wiping hands - it's not so hard, is it, if it helps keep another child safe? ANd I'm jealous you grew up in Hawaii! My husband was born there, at Tripler.

Mayor - Really?? Do I need to move to Canada? That's awesome! It's amazing kids can survive without peanut butter sandwiches every day at school! lol

Dawn said...

Awesome giveaway, Cheryl!

My style tip- which I've learned since I started working for Shobha ( is keep the eyebrows groomed. It really makes a difference in the way that your whole face looks. Oh, and get them threaded- not waxed. Waxing pulls delicate skin around the eyes too much. ;)

Amy said...

Cheryl ... You know I read your blog all the time and love your writing style. I have laughed and cried many times while visiting your little address on the www. Loved this post and review. I loved Laura on PR ... I am an admitted PR junkie! I am looking forward to reading the book and I promise to hold that black sharpie in my hand poised to strike!

I wish I had some brilliant style tips, but I found the other morning when attending a preschool field trip that I am severely lacking in this area of my life even today. That morning and I had washed my hair and dry rolled it with a round brush ... I wore make up ... I got compliments like I haven't heard in years, which although should have made me feel great ... actually made me think what a mess I must look like daily ... LOL

Now that it is warming up here in Minnesota, I will never be without my high heel black sandals ... jeans look so much better with them, no matter what my hair looks like ... ((Hugs))

Candice said...

My tip is this: any outfit can look good with a great pair of shoes. Stop buying those black flats and venture out to the turquoise wedges. They'll spice up that jeans and t-shirt look we all love.

Cheryl said...

Dawn - Really? Threading? I'm a wax girl. Does the threading hurt?

Amy - OMG. I totally know what you mean! I also get those comments when I put on makeup, fix up my hair and wear something other than my Frumpy Mom clothes! And thanks for your sweet words about my blog!

Candice - Oh! Turquoise wedges! Love that!

Adelle @ ready...GO!...get set said...

I have come to realize that a great, fun pair of shoes can make a slightly-frumpy outfit look hot.

Leopard-print flats, red patent leather, gold gladiators...edgy shoes are my mainstay for a boring mommy wardrobe of khakis and cardis.

That's my two cents! The book sounds fun!

Elle said...

Excellent book review and giveaway! I really enjoyed reading your post. To be honest, I have never personally known anyone with a peanut allergy and have literally lived off peanut butter my whole life. Dealing with school rules on peanuts is all new to me - but I trust you know what you're talking about! :)

Regarding fashion tips, I prefer a cute, sporty appearance over 'fashion'. Yet, clean, well-fitting and attractive appearance nonetheless. I do wear make up daily and manage to shave my legs at least once a week. lol. My main focus is exercise and maintaining a lean physique.

Elle said...

Excellent book review and giveaway! I really enjoyed reading your post. To be honest, I have never personally known anyone with a peanut allergy and have literally lived off peanut butter my whole life. Dealing with school rules on peanuts is all new to me - but I trust you know what you're talking about! :)

Regarding fashion tips, I prefer a cute, sporty appearance over 'fashion'. Yet, clean, well-fitting and attractive appearance nonetheless. I do wear make up daily and manage to shave my legs at least once a week. lol. My main focus is exercise and maintaining a lean physique.

Cheryl said...

Adelle - Great tip! I so need some new shoe!

Elle - Well, you know ME, so you know my son by association! And once your kids are in school they will definitely encounter peanut allergic kids. There were nine in the second grade here last year.

Mya S. said...

Sounds like a great book. If I don't win it, I will definitely be buying it. As far as tips, first off, staying healthy and fit makes me happy and confident. That carries over into how I present myself. Fashion wise, I always wear clothes that I feel good in. Even when I only going to Target or the school. I don't always dress up but I always wear clothes that I love. I don't own sweats and if my clothes get a stain, I get rid of them. I used to "save" my clothes for special occasions or outings and would wear frumpy, boring stuff everyday. What a waste of money if the clothes just sit there.

Hagler Happenings said...

How did I miss this post until now? I LOVE PR!! I do remember her. How exciting for you.

I am THE LAST person to give any kind of fashion tips. This is how lazy I've gotten: I recently vowed never to leave the house in anything more casual than jeans.

Kat @ said...

Wow. I wish I had balls like you sometimes (to write to someone who I was nervous would tear me apart).

However, and as I've mentioned, my Sawyer went into Anaphylaxis Shock from ingesting egg at 13 months. I am SOOOO passionate about food allergies... and it does peeve me when someone says their child's allergic to "so and so", and then when I see them give it to them anyway, they say, "Well he really wanted it... he'll just sneeze alot". UMM... THAT IS NOT A FOOD ALLERGY and DO NOT CATEGORIZE your child with mine b/c YOU HAVE NOOOO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!!

Ah... that felt good!

Christen W said...

I love your blog! As for my tips...hmm... I guess my best tip is great lipgloss & a cute hat so that I don't have to do my hair.

I love that you emailed her about the peanut allergy part of the book. I'm sure that there are some crazy type A moms out there, but in my experience, I have found that most parents aren't educated on peanut allergies AT ALL. Its not so much that they are jaded moms, but most don't seem to take it seriously due to ignorance. We had a peanut allergy in DS' preschool class last year & a mom brought in a craft to make a bird feeder - with peanut butter. She said she didn't realize that the child couldn't be around peanut butter AT ALL. Thank goodness the teacher took out the craft supplies before allowing the mom to get started! I can't imagine the fear that you must feel sending your child out in the world & good for you for standing up to anyone who thinks otherwise!

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