Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To Pee or Not to Pee

... that is definitely NOT the question. Cause really, I have no choice.

It seems I've entered that delightful phase of pregnancy where you sneeze and pee your pants. Cough/pee. Laugh/pee. It's worse when you actually have to pee, but the other day, I peed at Costco, stood up, pulled up my pants, sneezed, and peed in my undies. I hadn't even left the freakin' stall yet.

Last night I almost wet the bed watching, over and over, that guy throwing the shoes at W. I know it's bad that someone could get away with launching not one, but two shoes at the President before being tackled. But the expression on Bush's face, and his cat-like reflexes...it was hysterical. I couldn't stop cackling. And peeing.

Guess it's time to drag out the Depends liners from my last pregnancy. The good news is I know this part only lasts a couple weeks. I feel like my preschoolers, having to carry extra underwear around with me. Then again, I've been known to smell like a preschooler lately.

Hopefully you will all join me in doing your kegels while you read this.

Not helping the issue is that I always carry super-low. My midwife came over yesterday for her first visit and confirmed. His butt is right below my belly button. He is in perfect position at the moment, which is nice to hear after Sage arrive sunny-side up.

She also mentioned that I have nice strong abs. Yeah, baby! I told her to thank my trainer. Who I haven't seen in months. But it's nice to know there's one spot that hasn't succumbed to the pregnancy sprawl.

Are you still doing your kegels?

Just checking.

Trust me. Your underwear will thank you.


Janine said...

I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS ABOUT PREGNANCY! This is such a bad problem. I fear the sneeze when out in public! Or even sometimes when I cough it happens. It is terrible. But what is worse is that I hate to do the Kegels. They bug me for some reason. :-(( So I am just perpetually peeing day and night. I wish I could take 3 showers a day at this stage of pregnancy.

Oh and WTG on your abs!!

Cheryl said...

I know - it's the worst!I also hate the stupid kegels. My gf told me you're supposed to do them while squatting. I'm all "I don't even do them when I'm just sitting there. I can't imagine having to get into position to do them!"

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