Monday, December 22, 2008

Mine is Bigger Than Yours!

I thought it was all about the sports cars. But I was wrong. I mean, when I made David sell his red corvette four years ago, he didn't seem particularly emasculated. Especially when we ended up with new carpets and flooring, a new oven and a new dishwasher plus extra cash from the proceeds.

Still, he loves loves loves cars. Especially fast ones. But with child #3 on the way, the chances of him getting one anytime in the near future are, well, zero.

Not to worry. He found something else.

Friday night, David called our neighbor R. The two have had a bromance going for awhile now. They go on romantic mandates to Home Depot, Target, and on one especially crazy night, they went to the batting cages.

Now David wanted to get wild at Sears. So the two of them set off. A few hours later, I heard our garage door open briefly and then close. David walked in the house, set down his keys, and came right up stairs.


He'd assumed I'd be asleep. But no. I was wide awake (What Not to Wear was on!). So it was confession time.

He'd gone out, with encouragement from his enabler, and purchased a 46" LCD flat screen. The salesman even nervously asked a couple times whether David wanted to call his wife, but David pounded his chest and said HA! He didn't need to do that.

Different story when he laid down next to me in the bed to stammer and stutter about what he'd just done.

That was nothing. It was the next morning, when he stood at the bottom of the stairs and danced to his new song "I have the biggest one on the stree-eet. I have the biggest one on the stree-eet.

"It's even bigger than R's!"

Yes, people. Flat screens are the new phallic symbol.

He had a new spring in his step. He knows R is grumbling about it right now, thinking about how he might be able to, you know, someday overtake David in the size department.

Meanwhile, the TV is still in the box in the garage. I'm surprised David hasn't been snuggling with it. He's trying to figure out if we should mount in over the fireplace or get some kind of console to put it on. I am not joking when I say nowhere in our house - other than over the fireplace - do we have the wallspace to put this behemoth on, which is why he didn't get a 52".

I'm happy he's so proud of his...size. Even though I've tried to tell him: it's not the size of the TV, its the motion of the pixels. Or something like that.


Kelli/Plangirl said...

aaah, yes. When we finished our basement and came in under budget, my DH promptly went out and bought a 50 inch plasma...because no self-respecting man zone would be caught without one. And, of course, it is the envy of all our friends and man neighbors.
And yes, I believe it is a substitute for the fast car I will not let him have right now because we have 3 children. Do they have to be so predictable? Congratulations on your new addition...may you get many hourse of "what not to wear" viewing pleasure. And if you put it above the fireplace, little fingers cannot tought it.

Simply Lovely Gifts said...

I'm so jealous! I'm the gadget geek of our family & could never talk DH into a 46" TV. I've been planting seeds for over a year to modify all of our bedroom TVs to LCDs and he's just not biting. I even put the best buy ad out that showed we could get all of the 22" and 19" ones we'd need for under $1000 (that's 4 TVs!!) No bite. Enjoy your new TV!!

Cheryl said...

OMG - I'm SO GLAD we don't have a basement! I can't even imagine what the setup would be! And that's a VERY good point about putting it up high. For some reason my kids like to get super-close to the TV, like in Poltergeist. Freaks me out!

Leslie - You are my DH's dream girl!! lol

Melissa said...

I'm in the same boat as "Simply Lovely Gifts." I love gadgets and tv's, but DH could care less. We still have the same 27" television (that is the very opposite of flat) in our family room.

Oh... what I wouldn't do for a BIG, flat, 46" with great moving pixels... ;)

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