Thursday, December 04, 2008

Panini Power!

You'll have to pardon me. I'm still in the midst of my happy dance - and I haven't even peed myself, which is a big victory for us preggo-with-third-child gals, let me tell you.

So, as you know, I abstained from Black Friday and instead went to Target on Sallow Sunday. I was hoping to find a panini press I saw advertised. After much searching, I found it was sold out. Shocker.

I don't know if you've ever tried to get a rain check before, but you actually have to write down the barcode and then bring it to the register. I guess this is their way of ensuring they never have to give a rain check, because who 1) knows they have to do this and 2) carries around a pen and piece of paper with them at the store and 3) has time, after waiting in line to pay, to then go back down the aisles to find the barcode.

But I was not to be thwarted. I wanted this panini maker. I mean, I REALLY wanted it. It was originally $39.99 and was on sale for $24. Much more reasonable price to pay for something that might spend more time in the cupboard than in use, but people, when a pregnant woman wants something food-related, I suggest you get it for her. Otherwise, she may chew off your arm.

I rummaged around in my purse. No pen. But hey - I'm a mom! Of COURSE I had a battered old red crayon in there. Actually, I think it's magenta. I also managed to uncrumple a raggedy old receipt on which to write.

I scrawled every number I saw on the product label that was stuck into the shelf. I triumphantly presented my tattered receipt at checkout. I got my rain check.

Today I went back to Target, only to find they were still out. Upon closer inspection of the rain check I saw that it's an item that "may not be replenished."


You will be astonished to hear that there is another Target less than 10 miles away - and right near Sage's preschool. So I decided to go before picking her up.

And there.

On the shelf.

Was my Precious. In all its shiny, silver glory. At least the picture on the box showed that it is, indeed, siny, silver and glorious.

I snatched it up.

The thrill of victory still sings through me. I slapped that rain check down at checkout and watched that beautiful sale price show up on the register.

And this, internets, is what my life has come to.

Excitement over toast. But at least it will be yummy, chewy toast!


Dorothy said...

OH yummy! I always meant to buy a panini maker but you know what I use? Target makes this round focacia bread and I slice it in half, fill it and put that in my quesadilla maker. It even pre-cuts it for me. Hope your craving is satisfied! I'm happy with my bag of Ikea's Swedish meatballs : )

Cheryl said...

It was sooo good! Chicken, barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese on sourdough. Not creative, but even Sawyer ate it. Woohoo!

Janine said...

one word - YUMMY!

Momfluential said...

French toast, turkey ham, provologne and raspberry jam sauce to dip it in.

Or those grilled eggplant/zuchinni combos that you can get at TJ's now on sliced French bread with their quatro frommagio blend of cheese a a schmear of tomato sauce

Artichoke/Red Pepper Tapenade with chicken and mozzarella on sourdough

pastrami, swiss, and saeurkraut on a good rye...

I cannot think about this too much or I will get weepy about the fact that I cannot eat bread. Maybe that is a good thing. Cause I could spend a whole year making paninis. And eating them. The poor panini press would never get put away and I would weigh 400 lbs!

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