Saturday, December 13, 2008

High Five

Yesterday, when I snuggled with my son in his bed before he went to sleep, he was four. When he stumbled in my room this morning, he was five.

Just like that. An entire hand. Five.

I don't know why that number seems so big. Or why I'm having a tough time with it.

The first thing Sawyer did was drag me into my bathroom, turning on every light. He led me right to the scale, where he hopped on to show that surely he was bigger now that he was five.

He didn't even ask for any gifts. Not before we went to IHOP with neighbors and not even after we'd been back home for awhile. Then David arrived from a brief overnight trip. And the wrapping paper flew.

Sawyer couldn't stop thanking me throughout the day: for the Star Wars wrapping paper, for the two Star Wars ships, for his robe, his book, and, the Most Exciting Thing Ever - his Stormtrooper Blaster.

I'm guessing the thrill and ensuing dance was mostly based on my telling him he'd never be getting a gun. But as any moms of boys know, it doesn't matter whether or not you buy them one. If there isn't one at home, then there's an arsenal at the neighbor's house, and barring that, they'll find any stick, toy golf club or, if worse comes to worse, fingers will become a weapon.

It's in the genes. Just like my daughter somehow knowing the name to every Disney Princess before she'd ever seen a movie or book about them.

Really, though, Sawyer is not an aggressive kid (other than when he's playing Star Wars with all the neighborhood kids, smacking each other around with light sabers). He's actually quite sweet and easy-going. His teacher said he's open to being friends with all the kids and I shouldn't worry that he hasn't found that one special best friend yet.

The Year of Four was really a big one for him. He learned to ride his bike without training wheels. He learned to write his name. He dresses himself, puts away his clothes in the correct drawer, can get in and out of the car by himself and, occasionally, even puts away a toy or two.

What I'm most proud of is what a compassionate little kid he is. He asked me to bring in chocolate pudding for his birthday treat yesterday at school. Then he said "Wait, make sure you bring vanilla, too," because one of his friends doesn't like chocolate. What four year-old thinks of that? Or adding a toy to his Christmas list for the twins up the street because they'd lost a toy and he knows they're sad about it?

We visited his cousin last month, who showed him a karate kick and said "You don't know how to do that." And instead of being upset or competitive about it, Sawyer said "Oh! Can you teach me?"

He always tries to include Sage - even when his friends or cousin are telling her she's too little or calling her a baby. He is looking forward to showing his new baby brother the ropes.

I love seeing where his imagination takes him. Read him a page in a book, show him a picture, and he's off, creating his own adventures. Maybe he'll be a writer - if he ever learns to read!

I wish I could take credit for him, but I think he's all David. He's even-keeled, sometimes to a fault. He gets along with everyone and is really a happy, social guy. Good-looking, too. I unfortunately must claim his Spawn of Satan sister, who is stubborn, opinionated and independent.

I feel very fortunate and honored to be Sawyer's Mommy. He's not perfect, but he's perfect for our family.

Love you, Buns. Thanks for still letting me hug and kiss you even though you're now Five.


Swirvin said...


I didn't realize our boys shared a birthday (Ethan just turned 4). Sounds like Sawyer had a wonderful day.

How sweet he still gives you hugs and kisses. I hope I am still getting kisses at 5. Its already hit or miss for me at 4;-)

Simply Lovely Gifts said...

Happy Birthday Sawyer!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sawyer. Will is right behind you and is turning 5 at the end of February. Where does it all go? Just wait, my oldest daughter turns 18 tomorrow and just got her first college acceptance. I remember all to well her 5th birthday. Sigh. that baby Brother comment official?

Cheryl said...

Yeah - I still get hugs and kisses, but sometimes it involves capturing him and pinning him down first! lol

Kelli - Crazy having one so young and one so "old." I'm sure Sawyer will be 18 in just another week! And yes, Baby Brother is due in March!

Anonymous said...

It is crazy..and Ryenne is younger than Will (she is 16 months). It is very odd doing college visits and changing diapers.

And congrats on the Baby boy! I knew you were PG, just didn't know it was a boy.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Sawyer is a doll. He sounds like such a sweet boy. Just try to enjoy every moment.

Mely said...

What a sweet boy of yours...Happy 5th B-day Sawyer!!!

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