Saturday, November 03, 2007

Ketchup is a vegetable, too..

This morning I went running - yes, running! - with my friends Torrey and Maria. We are officially training for the Carlsbad marathon. I say "we" because Maria was on the fence, but now she's in. YIPPEE!!

We ran eight miles and though I had a little stitch in my side for a bit, it was different than my Marathon Knife of Death and actually went away. The final mile or so felt great, actually. It was such a relief to run pain-free!

I arrived home at about 8:30 a.m. I had called David on the way and he told me that Sawyer and Sage had pancakes for breakfast. When I opened the door, I found two very happy kids each holding a little fun-size bag of kissables, which are like M&Ms.

I stifled by immediate response, which was to question Dear Husband why the kids were eating chocolate before noon. (Yes, it's like alchohol. None before noon! They will get completely high. Every mom knows that! But apparently not the dads, to whom it must always be noon somewhere.)

Then I got closer.

That's when I noticed a suspicious looking orange crust clinging to the area surrounding Sage's mouth.

"David? What is that on Sage's face?"

"Oh, she had some Sun Chips with her pancakes."


"Yeah, it's like having hash browns."

At least they weren't washing it all down with a Slurpee!


Melissa said...

YUM! I'm eating breakfast at your house from now on!

Kristy said...

Don't you just love it when you leave Dad in charge? You just never know what you'll come home to! I always want to ask, "Is this your first day?!?!?"

Cheryl said...

Melissa - But only when I'm not there!

Kristy - that is a HILARIOUS line! Why don't I ever think of clever stuff like that? You can bet I will be using that line soon!

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