Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So, like, where have I been, you ask?

I wish I had all kinds of thrilling tales of wild adventures, but clearly that's not possible. I don't even have mundane stories about ordinary places.

I guess I've just been overwhelmed lately with mommyhood stuff. Like screeching at the head of Sawyer's preschool about why it's necessary to serve honey nut cheerios in his classroom when he's allergic to nuts, forcing him to be segregated to another table. Or checking out another preschool that is nut-free, but is a 20-minute schlep away.

And, might I add, Sage produced a poop of such immense proportions that it not only came out the top of her diaper and partway up her back, but it came out the bottom, too. We're talking a blowout not usually seen from a child who is not under 3 months old. This was as we were getting into the car in the parking lot of the new preschool so we could hustle to swimming lessons. I tried to carefully remove her shirt so as not to get any poop in her hair - which I succeeded in, but instead the poop smeared up to her neck and on her arm. But at least her hair was clean! Ten minutes and about 47 wipes later, as she stood in the back of our SUV, I finally got her (mostly) cleaned up. We went to the pool, so I was able to soap her down in the sink while Sawyer had his lesson. This is when I noticed the big blob of poop on the arm of my shirt.


Perhaps you'd all rather that I just didn't post?


Simply Lovely Gifts said...

Ick is right, but it's nice to know I'm not alone! Totally sounds like something that would happen in our house :-)

Melissa said...

Hmmm... Sounds like a lovely afternoon. :) And phooey on Sawyer's preschool, they stink!

Mely said...

That was funny at least for me! OMG, I haven't change a diaper in almost 6 years!

I was wondering were you where, now I know ;o)

Cheryl said...

It's so nice you all missed me - and my poop story du jour! LOL

OCHalf07 said...

I've been missing the poop stories... not that we told a lot of KID poop stories out on the road. Can't wait to start talking about bodily functions again this weekend.

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