Thursday, October 23, 2008

Prop H8

As many of you probably know, there is a proposition on next month's ballot that would overturn the legal right of gays to marry in California. Proponents of Proposition 8 have spent millions of dollars to convince you that, in order to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN, we must make sure that marriage stays a sacred rite between a man and a woman.

I mean, it could be TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS.

Apparently, it's better to explain that some people get to do something, but other people don't. Kind of like how women used to not have the right to vote. And blacks and whites couldn't intermarry.

Legislating hate and bigotry by hiding behind religious morals is the worst kind of blasphemy. I'm not Christian, but from what I gather, isn't there someone else who does the judging? I happen to believe that anyone can marry, regardless of gender. So why is it okay for someone else to put their beliefs on me? I think we call that a theocracy. And depsite the religious right's best efforts, this country is still a democracy. I'm astounded it's legal to deprive human beings of a basic right.

Some recent letters to the editor in the Orange County Register have made me physically ill:

I'm so tired of the No on Prop. 8 zealots calling for tolerance of gay marriage. Why can't they just tolerate what millions of people for thousands of years have defined as "marriage"? We've tolerated their agenda for the last 30 years and watched as they started by coming out of the closet, pushed for acceptance, pushed for changes in our laws and even our military to fit their agenda. They have forced changes in state laws to allow them to get all the rights that are afforded married couples, but all that is not enough. Now they can't tolerate traditional, moral people and their churches.

According to them we're all homophobic, bigoted, prejudiced and, of course, intolerant. They need to look in the mirror. The rest of us have been exceptionally tolerant of their lifestyles and choices, but enough is enough. "Marriage" is and always will be defined as being only between a man and a woman. Learn to tolerate that.

Jeff McPherson, Laguna Hills

Indeed! Of COURSE they should tolerate it, just like blacks should've tolerated having to drink out of the "colored" water fountain. How DARE they? That damn gay agenda. Who do they think they are?

On Nov. 4 we will see the people's power, not the judges' power. We must protect marriage for future generations to come, and not allow the word "marriage" to be cheapened by allowing same-sex marriages.

Lee Jay Meyers, Anaheim

Yes. Cheapened. As opposed to the union between heterosexuals, with a 50 percent failure rate.

I am thrilled that there are no "Vote Yes on 8" signs up on our street. Still, I feel like I want to go up to my married gay neighbors' house and apologize on behalf of the horrible people who populate this county.

The only thing I can really do is use my vote. Which I will. And when my kids are old enough to ask why their friend has two Mommys or why the nice guys with the awesome golden retriever up the street live together, it will be easy to answer.

"Love is love. Just like people, it comes in all shapes and sizes and colors. It knows no boundaries."

Unless, of course Prop 8 passes. Try explaining to your kids why THAT is okay.


Jen C said...

I couldn't agree more!

Amy said...

Well said and I also couldn't agree more ...

Mely said...

We have one of those sign of "Yes on Prop 8" across street from our house and Zoulanche asked me what exactly I had that conversation with her, she is almost 10 yrs old and I want her to grow knowing that everyone has the same right to do what ever they feel is best for them, and some times two people from the same sex wants to get marry and have kids just like daddy and me, and we are NO ONE to judge or decide if they are right or wrong!

So I agree with you 100%!

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome in so many levels, you hit the nail right on the head!!

NO ON H8!!

Momfluential said...

My kids leaned out the car window, yelled "boooooooo" and gave two thumbs down each (I told them that they were not allowed to flip the bird!!!) as we drove by the sanctimonious, self righteous... er... Yes on 8 protesters today. In your neighborhood actually. I cannot believe the way they are using children to fuel their campaign. It's awful. My mom's 80yo german friend said she thought she would never live to see the atmosphere of hate, fear and divisiness she experienced as a child, take hold here. And yet...

Cheryl said...

You were in my 'hood? I've never seen it over this way - just over your way! lol Good for your girls!
Tonite a volunteer from Vote No on 8 called. I told her we were definitely voting no. She said she gets a pit in her stomach whenever she makes the calls - she's been told some vile things. She said she keeps going b/c she believes so strongly in it.

Just J said...

Amen. I must add that I am so envious of how you are able to articulate what I feel with such eloquence. Beautifully written.

Cheryl said...

JJ - Funny, cause most days I can't string to words together! ;) But thanks for the compliment!

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