Friday, October 03, 2008

Is that a wink? A WINK?!?

People! What IS this?

I mean, is she just letting us know we're all in on the joke with her? Maybe SHE's just as aware as we are that her being on the ticket for the White House is ridiculous.

At least, I hope so. Because blogosphere, this is scary.

I still do not understand her popularity. "She's just like us." Really? I can name a gazillion ways she's NOT like us. For instance, most of the people I know can name a newspaper or magazine that they read, even if it's Parenting.

Women aren't threatened by her like they are of Hillary, who, by the way, has also been a working mom throughout her daughter's life. Palin has pretty hair and was a former beauty queen. No bright orange pantsuits or sensible shoes for her. Or an Ivy League law degree, for that matter.

They bristle when anyone questions Palin's priorities, as she has a pregnant teenage daughter and an infant with Down Syndrome - but they are fine with Palin wnting to legislate how we make the most private decisions in our own home, whether it's the right to choose, or to marry someone of the same gender.

It seems some want a candidate they can have a beer with or sit next to at their kid's soccer game. And while it's nice to have those people in our lives, I don't necessarily need to have them in charge of the largest superpower in the free world. But that's just me.

I want a candidate who is MUCH smarter than me. And frankly, I'm no dummy. But just because I've had a passport for more than 20 years (and no, Sarah, my parents didn't hand me a passport and a backpack after college and send me off to Europe. Some of us worked two jobs, just like you, and, in order to expand our horizons, made it overseas on our own) and live in a state that borders Mexico doesn't make me an expert in foreign policy. Hell, I used to live in South Florida, and Cuba is RIGHT THERE!

I want someone who has actually spent much of their time researching, exploring and thinking about our country and its place in the world, not someone who relies on folksy sayings, doggone it, or acts like "governing" a state smaller than the county I live in is the same as being a U.S. Senator.

That she isn't interested in the cause of global warming, just a way to fix it, is telling not only of a lack of basic understanding of the environment but an inability to go beneath the surface of an issue. And, perhaps just as egregious - a complete lack of curiousity.

What else would she like to fix without regard for the cause of the problem? The economy? Health care? Terrorism?

We can do better. We deserve better.

And we should be offended that John McCain doesn't think so.


Diana Meraz said...

aahh! I love you, I love the way worded it, you took the words right out of my head, only if my head was clear and organized.


Made By Angie said...

amen sista.

Jen C said...

Thank you for saying it! I couldn't agree more. Especially that McCain doesn't think we deserve better. And all this "hockey mom" malarkey...ugh! Quite frankly I find it not only extremely irritating but condescending.

Julie said...

And let's not forget that she was the mayor of some podunk town in Alaska. It seems like she likes to mention that as a major qualification for her to potentially running our country. Oy.

OCHalf07 said...

Sing it, sisterfriend!

And, ugh, hate to say this but there is something about SP that reminds me of everything I dislike about my mother.

Amy said...

Thank you for giving me hope as swim through the sea of McCain and Palin signs littering our neighborhood ... I was beginning to feel like the only one who "didn't get it" ... glad I am in good company!!

Just J said...

That this woman is a VP candidate is just one more prong in the "we must be a nation of village idiots" argument.

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