Sunday, August 12, 2007


So David and I go to the wedding of one of his best friends from high school. It was our second wedding this summer. I'm not clear that we'd been to a wedding since WE got married back in 2001.

As the first wedding, in late June, approached, I realized I had nothing to wear. All of my dresses were too big (yes, I know, a nice problem to have, until you start panicking because you REALLY have nothing to wear)And even if the stuff did fit, most of it was horribly out-of-date, a veritable freak show of sparkles and straps and even taffeta!

A trip to the mall was completely unsuccessful as the only things I liked were well over $200 which was out of my price range. In desperation, I headed to TJ Maxx, where I found an Anne Klein dress for $50. The price was right. I purchased. I hated it. To make matters worse, I look pregnant in the pictures from the wedding. Delightful!

I was determined to find something better for yesterday's wedding because there was no way in hell I was putting on that stupid dress again. My sister and I went to Seattle to see my Dad a few days before he passed. The hospital did not allow visitors in the morning, so what better way to release stress than by shopping?

Five hours later, my sister and I had both purchased a dress (she had a wedding to go to last week). I thought my dress was a unique color. The style was flattering. And it was under $100.

I felt great wearing it (tho I didn't love my shoes). So imagine my surprise when David and I walked into the church and the first thing I see is ANOTHER WOMAN WEARING MY DRESS!! Hilarious!!

What are the odds? Not only that, but she came and sat at our table. Luckily, she was incredibly nice and thought it was as funny as I did that we were wearing the same frickin' dress.

The only bad part was when she told me how much she paid for the dress: $8.50. That's right. Eight dollars and 50 cents. I wanted to kill myself!!

But of course we had to pose with the bride as her unofficial bridesmaids (excuse my gazillion chins, I am the least photogenic person on the planet). Oh - and I don't know why it's cutting off the picture.

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JenC said...

Hey, wasn't that an episode of "Saved By The Bell"? You look great. I have a wedding to go to Saturday. I'm pretty excited, I haven't been to a wedding in at least 2 years! And this is the first one I get to go to with David. Hope my dress fits

Cheryl said...

Ha! I had such a crush on Slater! My advice is to try on the dress ASAP to avoid the last-minute shopping hysteria!

Julie said...

Too funny, but still it's a great dress! Love the color. It looks totally different on the two of you -- and much better on you, I might add. :)

Jen C said...

That's fantastic. At least you can keep your sense of humor about it. I would have huddled in a corner or demanded we left. I'm a big ol' baby. But seriously, what ARE the chances of that happening?

Okay, so the real question here is WHERE can you get a dress for $8.50? I might have to go shopping!

Thanks for making me chuckle this afternoon! Between that and the poo post, I've been ROTFL

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Julie!
Jen - you are too funny! She did pay $100 for her shoes, but it still didn't even out! LOL

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