Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Back to our regularly scheduled blogging...

Sage has been going to speech therapy for a month. And I'm happy to say it's actually working!Her new favorite word is "up." She's not afraid to use it.

Just the other night she was in her crib and was having a tough time going to sleep - mainly because she sensed her brother was watching Charlie & Lola somewhere without her. So she stood at the rail of her crib, clutching her bear, blanket and little doggie-head-blanket thing (which she refers to as mah, coat and nnnnnn, respectively) and shrieked for awhile. Then I heard her say "up! up! up!"

We have felt obligated to pick her up when she asks, to reward her for actually speaking in our native tongue instead of Sagese. This night, I went up there, and I had to tell her that everyone - Mommy, Daddy, Sawyer, the doggies, and yes, even Curious George - were all sleeping. Satisfied, she flopped to her belly and fell asleep.

Sawyer, meanwhile, has discovered that his body can do tricks: "Look, Daddy!" he said with glee, as he moved his penis up and down without his hands.

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