Monday, May 21, 2007

It's starting to sink in..

So...there are donations coming in. Talk about a great feeling! But also scary. Because I guess this really does mean that I'm going to do this race. And I really am going to have to figure out how to raise that $3,000. My good friends from high school were the first to donate. I was really touched!

I have been talking to Sawyer about the little sick boy, Demetrius, who is our Honored Teammate. I showed him the picture of Demetrius that we received in our informational folders. He saw the picture of a happy boy with floppy brown hair. Then he saw another picture, of a boy with a shaved head and a big bandage peaking out from under his shirt.

We talked about how this boy is almost Sawyer's age, and how he's really, really sick with someone bad called cancer. And how Mommy is trying to raise money to help cure him, which means that Sawyer will not be getting a new toy at Target every time we go. Maybe Sawyer can even pick out a toy of his own that the sick little boy might like. Sawyer wasn't too hot on any of these ideas, but I'm trying..

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