Sunday, May 06, 2007

The body is an amazing thing..

The conversation while Sawyer was sitting on the potty..

Mommy? Can I eat my penis?

Mommy's thought bubble: If you could, you'd be the luckiest - and most flexible - man on the planet.

Mommy's response: No, honey, you may not.

Mommy? Can I pretend to eat my penis?

The conversation while Sawyer was playing outside...

Mommy, my nose is very important because it has two holes in it and that's where the boogers come out. They come out of the two little holes. That's why my nose is very important.

The conversation when Sawyer pooped in his pants - for the sixth time in one day...

Sawyer, if you can't poop in the potty, we're going to have to put you back n pullups like a baby.

Mommy, that sounds like a GREAT idea!



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