Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Sage is getting pretty hilarious. Sawyer got a new big rig matchbox car, and Sage is obsessed with it. Probably because she senses that it's her brother's favorite toy. Her new thing is to snatch it the second he turns his head, race across the room shrieking, then wave it around. Sawyer is not amused. But I think, "This is just the beginning."

My Dad was having dialysis at the hospital before he was supposed to have surgery to remove a pin that had loosened in his hip. While he was undergoing the dialysis, he suffered a mild heart attack. He had two stints put in and is doing better, apparently, because when I tried to phone him just now, he'd been discharged.

We finally got Sawyer on antibiotics. He's been sick since August. I don't ever remember the last time he slept through the night without waking up coughing. We've had him on tons of meds, none of which seemed to help. He was burning up with fever Monday night so I took him to the pediatrician Tuesday, who gave him amoxicillin. Fingers crossed that it finally works.

Today we were driving home from the park. Sawyer said "Mommy, why is your hair backwards?" It was up in a ponytail.

My leg seems to be getting better. I've been popping motrin like candy corns and I'm trying to ice it at least twice a day. So hopefully it might just be another week. I don't want to get fat before the reunion!

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