Thursday, August 31, 2006

Of snotty noses and no naps

For some reason, when Sawyer gets a cold, it morphs into some hideous illness that lingers around like an unwanted houseguest. GO ALREADY! My gf came to Sage's party and thought her son just had allergies - until her 5 month-old also got sick. Sawyer and Sage started sneezing their heads off, but Sage was done with it in a day. Which was monumental, because I found that the laws of physics do not allow me to simultaneously wipe two snotty noses after two synchronized sneezes when said noses are sitting across the room from each other. Ick. Sawyer is now blessed with sores on his tongue, which he seems to get whenever he is sick. He is now eating ice cream.

On a more pleasant topic, Sage, who might heretofore be known as Big Bruiser, is walking all over and is into everything. She is very very nosy. Not sure where she inherited that trait..HA HA. Anyway, her latest thing is to pretend to talk on the phone. She puts her hand, the remote, or sometimes, her new pink toy cellphone, and says something like "Aaah aaah" which is her take on Hello. She's a GENIUS!

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