Saturday, August 15, 2009

I totally know I'm not cool, okay?

I was browsing my blog list this morning because I'm alone in the house. That's right, internets. I'm alone. Other than my two dogs. I won't even tell you what I'm wearing right now.

So I went over to see what was going on over at one of my faves, Mom-101. And she posted about this group called Straight No Chaser, an a capella group which apparently grabbed a huge audience - we're talking well over a gazillion hits - last year for their unique rendition of the 12 Nights of Christmas.

Of course, I never heard of them. So I figured, as long as I'm home alone and naked except for a pink tutu, why not check it out, even though it's August and 163 degrees out. I'm SO glad I did.

They also do non-holiday stuff. I went on their website and listened to their new song sampler. Definitely worth it. And Mom-101 also has a live performance of another holiday song.

Take a few minutes and listen. You might just find yourself humming along!

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