Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hm...Think He's Trying to Figure out How to Get Out?

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The thing about being the youngest of three (and I speak from experience, people) is that you are always surrounded by really cool stuff to look at - especially your older siblings.

Xander is totally fascinated. I'm guessing when he gazes at Sawyer he knows that he's going to look just like his big bro in five years. And he's completely in love with Sage. Thinks she's hilarious.

He's also in a very big hurry to catch up. This explains why Xander is already mobile. He's not crawling, per se, but he can roll, spin around 180 degrees, and he but he puts his feet up under his but and somehow propels himself forward.

I found out just how far he can travel yesterday afternoon. David took the kids to karate and I put Xander on his play mat. I then sat down and decided to read the paper (I KNOW! Shocking!). I couldn't quite see him because there's an exersaucer in the way (yes, our house is currently decorated in Early Baby).

But I could tell he was content (as in, not squawking). I could hear him playing and it was so nice and quiet. I read the Local section. Glanced at Sports. Started reading the comics.

Then it occurred to me that it was just a little TOO quiet. So I stand up, and what is my intrepid little boy doing? He'd scootched off the mat and was happily chewing on the bottom of my shoe! GAH!! He was like a happy puppy. I, on the other hand, was completely freaked out.

I mean, I know where that shoe's been! EVERYWHERE! I literally wear it every day. The icky factor is just beYOND!

Thankfully he's still alive.

Then again, I pretty much say that after all three are finally peacefully sleeping. After dealing with screaming, squabbling, rambunctious kids, some days, that they're still all breathing is the most I can hope for.

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