Saturday, July 18, 2009

She Danced in Lipstick

Apparently - and tragically - I appear to have a touch of Pageant Mom in me. You know, one of those women who thinks it's totally awesome for their preschool-aged daughter to have a fake tan, hair extensions and wear 17 pounds of makeup, all in the name of competition. 'Cause looks are everything, internets!

I had no idea that it could also be kind of fun. In a VERY limited dose. I knew I had to put a little blush and lipstick on Sage before her dance recital today. The stage lights are bright and the kids can get really washed out. So imagine my surprise when I found myself brushing a little light purple eyeshadow and applying a little mascara on my baby girl's perfect eyes.

Don't judge me, people! It was just a teeny bit, I swear! And, and, and, she NEEDED just a touch! Seriously! All the other moms were doing it! When we were getting the girls ready to go on, everyone was putting lip gloss on their daughters. I bought this pink lipstick last night for Sage and it was, as another mom delicately put it, "a bit loud." Oh well. She's Mormon. She probably thinks we're all going to be wearing our flashy war paint in Hell.

Really, I was just trying to hide the remnants of the macaroni and cheese around Sage's mouth.


So earlier in the day, we had the dress rehearsal at a local high school where the recital would take place. It was supposed to start at 10, but they were running late. What made it even more fun was it was 95 degrees outside and possibly 152 inside because they didn't have access to the air conditioning.

Meanwhile, I'm freaking out because Xander was home with David and Sawyer, and I thought I'd be home by 11 to feed him. I called to check in and heard my poor baby crying. Gah! We got home just after noon, and Xander was still alive, so it wasn't entirely awful.

Then it was lunch and a quick touch-up with the curling iron. I'd just told her we were going to go upstairs for makeup.

We then headed back to the school. The air conditioning was still not on. And then I realized one of Sage's tap shoes had fallen out of her bag, so I had to race across the parking lot to the car to get it. I was then attractively dripping with sweat by the time I made it back. But at least she had her shoe. Unlike during the dress rehearsal, when I realized her tights were at home in the drier and made David drive over to the school to drop them off.

Sage's group was doing the second and fourth dance of the program. I have to say I was really proud of how well she did. I was wondering if she'd be a little bit deer-in-headlights on stage, but she did the dances and looked like she was actually having fun.

We got to see them at intermission, where Sage suddenly started posing. And even agreed to take a picture with me.

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We had to watch the entire recital because they took a group bow at the end of the show. Then Sawyer and I went backstage to present Sage with flowers. She was VERY excited about this.

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But you know, it didn't take long for her to get all mean. Sawyer said "Sage, I loved your dancing." And Sage's response? Nothing. Totally ignored him. Then when David tried to take a picture of them together, she kept shoving Sawyer away. It was awful.

Then she refused to take off her costume, even though she knows she can't fit in her carseat with it on. I finally got her to change her clothes. But it just sucked that we had to have any issues on her special day.

Maybe she was just tired?

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Sleeping beauty.


Simply Lovely Gifts said...

What a little beauty!

Irazmi said...

how cute!!! you are lookin god mama!

Janine said...

Love the pictures. The one of the two of you is precious!! You did a good job with the makeup. I mean that would be a sin to have her washed out on stage, come on now. ;-))

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