Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Wouldn't Come Out Either

The reason this child is not coming out is because he clearly senses the pestilence swirling around on the outside. And his answer is HELL NO.

Let's see: David spent three nights on the futon because the first night he had a fever, the second night a sore throat and a cough, and the third because he claimed he was still sick but it was really so he could continue watching the first season of Heroes in peace.

Last night I ordered him back into our bed. He then awoke with his eyes all crusty and swollen and now has a mild case of pink eye.

And my friend/neighbor who is supposed to take pictures of the birth has been cooped up for about a week with her three sick and contagious kids, and she also has a little touch of the plague. And then my next-door neighbor who is always ready to help out has pneumonia.

What next? Locusts?

Meanwhile, my midwife came over yesterday and this baby has dropped so much that his next stop will be the floor if we don't catch him. She will be back next week (when I'm 40 weeks, 4 days pregnant) and will take some measures. I will spare you the details, other than she will also send me to an acupuncturist. Then she left to go visit her client who is TEN days past-due.

One last thing. Please do me a favor: if you see me in person, DO NOT ask if I am still pregnant. Because I will slap you. I have no tolerance at this point, and really? REALLY??? Do I always walk around with a freakin' blimp under my shirt? Oh, and while you're at it, it doesn't make me feel better to hear "but you don't LOOK that big."

Maybe I'm a touch cranky. Can't imagine why.


Melissa said...

Cheryl!!! I absolutely cannot believe you have not had this baby yet! :) I am sending labor vibes to you right now.

Janine said...

Things happen for a reason. The baby has not come yet b/c everyone is sick. :-)) This same EXACT thing happened to me. John and Jack were sick the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy. ARGH! 2 days before I went into labor my son had the stomach flu so bad DH and I felt like we were in the twilight zone of poop, pee and vomit. I have never seen that much come out of a human being and of course land all over ME! So needless to say, even though I was completely miserable, in hindsight it was a blessing to wait a few extra days to have the baby. But really, I hope this baby comes ASAP. Enough already....

Holly said...

Feeling your pain, Cheryl. I was 10 days overdue with #2; my OB wouldn't even talk about scheduling induction until I was 2 weeks overdue. I remember being so aggravated that I squandered almost 2 weeks of my maternity leave still PG!

Hang in there!!

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