Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The "ON MY LAST NERVE" button

I know I must have that button, because my kids have located it lately with no trouble whatsover.

A sampling of a recent conversation between them:

"Sage. Sage. Sage. Saaaage. SAAAGE!"

"Don't yook at me!"

"You don't look at ME!"

"You're yooking at me. DON'T YOOK AT ME!"

And so on. Just replace "look" for "follow me." The only thing we haven't heard yet is "stop touching me!"

This goes on at least 17 bazillion times a day. At home. In the car. With whoever is the instigator being completely relentless about looking - or yooking - at the other.

I can't just ignore it, because inevitably they come over to me to get away from the looker, and both end up leaning on me - until one starts shoving and then they start bitch-slapping each other.

Can't we all just get along?

Let's just say by 8 a.m. yesterday - they hadn't even been up for an entire hour yet - both were sent to their rooms.

I went to the bathroom. And locked the door.

That way, I was sure no one could yook at me.


Mely said...

Cheryl...I'm "yooking" at you...LOL! I have noticed that all kids act like that...we don't have that kind of trouble at home b/c is only Zoulanche, but when I am at a friend house or my sister I find it so hilarious...that I always need to laugh!

Melissa said...

Is is our kids ages? Greg and Ashley has started this kind of arguing too. It escalates until they are yelling at the top of their lungs. I am so done with this stage!

It makes me LOVE the IKEA commercial when the mom gives herself the time out in her quiet bedroom. I am totally going to start giving myself time outs. I need "wine drinking" time outs and "pedicure" time outs and "book reading all alone" time outs... I'm sure I'll think of some more!

Dawn said...

My girls freak when one looks out the other one's car window. "That's MY window and SHE can't look out it! Now I'm going to look out HER window!". Then someone cries and/or screams.

Cheryl said...

Mely - But hopefully soon you will have a second, right? Are you guys still thinking about adoption?

Melissa - I do lock myself in the bathroom. And no one's allowed to come in. I just yell "I'M POOPING" and they run. lol

Dawn - OMG! They do the SAME THING! Makes me NUTS.

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